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Biological invasions threaten developing countries

Invasions from alien species such as Japanese Knotweed and grey squirrels threaten the economies and livelihoods of residents of some of the world’s poorest nations, new University of Exeter research shows.

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Invasive species and what you can do: Act Now

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The other wealth gap dividing America's earners

It’s no secret that America’s rich are getting richer. But there’s another, more obscure trend driving income inequality in the U.S.

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Check out the Congressional Budget Office’s report on Trends in Family Wealth  Act Now

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Teaching Kids About Money: A 5-Step Guide

Teach your kids how to save and invest when they’re young, and that financial literacy could one day help them achieve financial security.

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Here’s a video about an innovative program that is teaching kids about money  Act Now

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Sale To An ESOP: The Most Undervalued Exit Path

An ESOP is a qualified retirement plan that must invest primarily in the stock of your company. Find out the advantages and disadvantages.

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Check out this  report on the tax advantages of ESOPs as an exit strategy  Act Now

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How Nighttime Darkness Illuminates the Rural Poor

Researchers Samuel Wills, Brock Smith, and Thomas McGregor at Oxford University in London present a fresh twist to this technology-driven approach: they illuminate rural poverty by isolating areas where people live in darkness at night.

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Do more at AKON Lighting Africa Act Now

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