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The key to tackling climate change: electrify everything

Electricity is the only form of energy we really know how to decarbonize. Replace technologies that still run on combustion, like gasoline vehicles and natural gas heating and cooling, with alternatives that run on electricity, like electric vehicles…

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The Way to Help the Poor

In Brief

Philanthropies often give away their money to projects without really knowing if they are successful.
Microloans, for instance, are not effective at increasing income on average for the poorest people on the planet.
Social scienti…

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Financial literacy the key to ‘financial wellness’

New research reveals a clear link between financial literacy and how positive people feel about their financial affairs.

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U.S. Poverty and Income Inequality in 9 Charts

Incomes in the U.S. climbed for the first time in eight years, and the poverty rate fell to a post-recession low, according to the Census Bureau’s annual report on income and poverty. Here are key charts from the Census Bureau’s new income and poverty report.

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International Aid Groups and Haitian Coffee Farmers: why the best way to help the poor is to listen

Ian Williams, in his history of rum, explains that in the 1980’s there were only two businesses in Haiti that were productive. One was the Barbancourt rum distillery..

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