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3 ways to help countries transition to sustainable development

The 2015 Paris climate change conference was a momentous political outcome as more than 190 nations have committed to take action on climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and becoming more resilient to climate impacts.

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Learn more: Energy in Developing Countries at Oxford Energy Act Now

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Senators press Mylan Labs over ‘outrageous’ EpiPen pricing

Move over, Martin Shkreli. Get in line, Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Congress appears to have found another drug maker to scold over high prices.

Responding to the high cost of the EpiPen auto-injector for reversing life-threatening allergic reactions…

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Better Vision for the Poor

Several social enterprises are attempting to provide eyeglasses to the 500 million to 1 billion poor people in the world who need them. Some enterprises see the provision of trained optometrists as the key to solving the problem; others are focused o…

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Can employee ownership deliver Theresa May’s ‘Better Britain’?

An annual survey by the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) has revealed the UK’s top 50 employee-owned businesses – and explores the role employee ownership can play in building a ‘better Britain’.

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21 shocking facts about global poverty

1. More people have access to a mobile phone than a toilet.

2. Americans spend more on Halloween than the entire world spends on malaria in a year.

3. 663 million people in the world—1 in 10—lack access to safe water.

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