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21 shocking facts about global poverty

1. More people have access to a mobile phone than a toilet.

2. Americans spend more on Halloween than the entire world spends on malaria in a year.

3. 663 million people in the world—1 in 10—lack access to safe water.

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Urban water pumping raises arsenic risk in Southeast Asia

Normally, groundwater levels in this monsoon region are higher than the rivers, so water flows from aquifers into adjacent waterways. A few years ago, however, scientists began noticing that large-scale groundwater pumping around cities like Hanoi was lowering the groundwater level, so much so that the flow had reversed in some areas and river water was making its way into the aquifers instead.

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Simple new test could improve diagnosis of tuberculosis in developing nations

In developing nations, the current test to diagnose tuberculosis (TB) is error-prone, complicated and time-consuming. Furthermore, patients in these resource-limited areas can’t easily travel back to a clinic at a later date to get their results. To make diagnoses simpler, faster and more accurate, chemists have developed a quick and easy diagnostic tool.

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Learn more: The U.S. Government and Global Tuberculosis Efforts Act Now

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Here are 5 of Africa's most financially inclusive countries

Exploring five African countries and how they are financially inclusive. Financial inclusion is a vital part of reducing poverty worldwide.

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Three Ways To Make Sure That Financial Disease Does Not Ruin Your Health

Being “in shape” physically and financially facilitates a healthy, responsibly funded life.

Check out FINRA Investor Education Foundation’s 6 keys for financial fitness  Act Now

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