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Sometimes Small Economic Development is Good Economic Development

Small NGOs will continue to be criticized by development economists for their lack of efficiencies and small economies of scale. But sometimes they have all the right components to help break families out of poverty. Sometimes, small is good.

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Tips for Filing Your 2015 Taxes - WSJ

Tips for tax filers from Tom Herman. What you need to know about deadlines, deductions, and dividends.

Source: Tips for Filing Your 2015 Taxes – WSJ

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Is Renewable Energy Economically Viable?

A few years ago, Dr. David MacKay addressed the question of whether it’s technically feasible to power the world entirely from renewable energy. (Spoiler alert: the answer is “yes” but it will be a challenge.) Professor MacKay is a physicist, not an economist.

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Birthing Centers in the Philippines: Saving One Mother at a Time

According to a 2015 World Health Organization report, a mother dies from pregnancy-related complications every 104 seconds. Each time a mother dies, her baby — and even some of her other children — often die as well.

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Making Every Man a King…and Philanthropist

Christopher P. Woehrle explains how to manage the tax bite of an employee stock ownership plan.

Source: Making Every Man a King…and Philanthropist

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