The fight to be greener

A month ago, I wrote about the ruling party Venstre launching its energy initiative called “Energy — for a green Denmark,” to which the opposition party Socialdemokratiet replied one week later with a much more ambitious plan with the confident name “Denmark will once again be a green superpower.”

Since the general national election is to be held a year from now, I was pleased to witness this fight over who is greener, since that would be a first ever as a theme in the elections. However, now it seems the fight is over before it even began, because to everyone’s surprise, all parties have just agreed on a relatively ambitious plan on energy infrastructure and production until the year 2030.

A textbook example of politics for the common good

It is not often that politicians get credit for their work, but when all parties can agree to compromise and meet on common ground and lay out a plan that actually has substance, it should be acknowledged. This new agreement serves as a good example of how to get things done — fast. Here’s a rundown on what was agreed according to the Danish ministry of finance:

— 3 offshore wind farms will be built totaling at least 2400 MW of nameplate capacity by 2030.
— DKK 4.2 billion ($660 million) in technology neutral tenders where different technologies like wind and solar will compete to deliver energy at the lowest price.
— DKK 4 billion ($626 million) to be invested in production of biogas.
— DKK 500 million ($78 million) will be allocated yearly from 2021 to 2024 for a market-based energy efficiency grant.
— In addition, DKK 400 million ($63 million) in the year 2025 and subsequently DKK 500 million ($78 million) annually and ongoing from the year 2026 for further efforts to promote renewable energy.
— Electricity taxes are to be reduced by DKK 2 billion ($313 million).
— DKK 500 million ($78 million) is allocated to green initiatives in the transportation sector in the period from the year 2020 to 2024.
— Coal must be phased out in Danish electricity production by 2030.
— Energy and climate research has a goal of allocating DKK 1 billion ($156 million) 2024.

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