In his novel New York 2140 Kim Stanley draws a sad yet scientifically plausible picture of the world to come. As climate change has caused sea levels to rise, the Big Apple has come to resemble a giant version of Venice.

The people who have remained there live at the top stories of skyscrapers and are reduced to checking their buildings constantly for leaks. They cruise through city canals during their daily commutes.

Mere fantasy? Hardly. Hundreds of other coastal towns and cities around the world which might not even make it onto maps of the next century. Meanwhile, higher land like mountainous regions might see an influx of newcomers from all parts of the world.

Challenges brought by climate change will merge with others such as population growth, declining biodiversity and other issues, all piling on top of each other. Still, we can still address all of these issues and also make sustainable cities into a reality. What would they look like if we succeed?

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