Two giants in financing and Indian power are collaborating on a clean energy microgrid operation they claim will deliver power to five million Indian households with 10,000 grids over the next decade.

Tata Power, one of India’s heavyweight distribution companies and solar power developers, has tapped The Rockefeller Foundation to launch TP Renewable Microgrid Ltd. The new organisation will take on and scale up a microgrid model in partnership with the Institute for Transformative Technologies and Smart Power India (SPI), which was launched by Rockefeller Foundation in 2015 and has built microgrids for more than 200 villages in the South Asian country to date.

The move is meant to complement the well-documented drive of the Modi government to provide power to the whole of India. Indeed, the government already announced in April 2018 that it had succeeded in its goal of electrifying every village in India, although this was not without controversy. The definition of electrification under close scrutiny showed that only 10% of households in a village had to be powered to qualify for the category and this did not take into account quality and reliability of power, famously a thorn in the side of Indian consumers’ in a land where both power theft and cuts had been normalised.

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