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Ignore Sustainable Investment at Your Own Peril

Evidence is mounting that ignoring environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues will expose investments to the kind of risk that will ultimately undermine their value, erode returns and possibly even lead to the collapse of the companies or other assets involved. And as sustainable investing goes mainstream worldwide, institutions, fund managers, credit rating agencies and

As Investors Try To Be More Ethical, Some Find No Escape From Businesses They Detest

If you're an investor with ardent social beliefs — and you aspire to put your money where your mouth is — you're in luck. Today, on Wall Street and beyond, socially responsible investment options abound. For those distressed by gun violence, new weapon-free funds divert dollars from firearms manufacturers and large gun retailers. If climate change is

Global sustainable investing assets surged to $30 trillion in 2018

Sustainable investment has surged worldwide by more than a third since 2016, reaching assets of more than $30 trillion at the start of last year, new global financial analysis released last week has found. Sustainable investment assets — which includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) and impact investing — have grown 34 percent worldwide since 2016,

If 2018 Was the Year of ESG investing, What Will 2019 Bring?

Forty years ago the Institute for Community Economics, led by Robert Swann in Cambridge, Massachusetts, launched the first investment fund with positive criteria. Until that time investment screens used negative criteria– no alcohol or tobacco stocks, for instance. Today, sustainable investment has evolved from negative exclusion to positive inclusion. Now, 90 percent of institutional investors globally believe ESG (environmental, social and