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Why taking sustainability seriously is critical to business success

Concern for the impact we’re all having on the planet is now being voiced across the world. Today’s climate activists range from schoolchildren to leaders of nations, all fighting to drive change before it’s too late. The overarching message is clear – time is running out. We’re all being called on to do more. Governments, industries,

Sustainability and the Five Archetypes of Boardroom Behaviour

When it comes to "walking the talk" of sustainability, the type of board directors matters. There is growing evidence to suggest that sustainability is getting more attention in the boardroom. However, with a big gap between board members’ aspirations regarding sustainability and its integration into the heart of their organisations’ activities, there remain questions as to

Corporate purpose requires a mindset shift

Tough talk is over for responsible business. With big issues such as climate breakdown, plastic pollution and modern slavery making headlines every day, surely the time to act is now? According to Dr Wayne Visser, professor of integrated value and sustainable transformation at Antwerp Management School, the question is not whether companies act, but how. “It matters whether their responsible

Four Questions: What ‘Tidying Up’ Means for Sustainability

In the Netflix series "Tidying Up," Japanese organization specialist and author Marie Kondo helps people pare down clutter and create more orderly spaces. The show has inspired thousands of viewers to rethink how they fold T-shirts and toss belongings that don't "spark joy." But why is the series so popular, and what does the Kondo

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Sustainable medicine – SAMW

Today's medicine – a victim of its own success – faces ever-growing and increasingly costly demands. But medical services cannot expand indefinitely, as the financial resources required to pay for them are ultimately limited. The challenge lies in ensuring the long-term viability of the values, goals and tasks of medicine, so that high-quality medical services

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Society and customers expect more, and a sustainable business..

Sustainability is on the radar screen of every major organization. Some organizations, such as Interface, Patagonia and Unilever, have made fundamental shifts to redesign their operations behind sustainable principles. These are sustainability leaders. For most organizations, however, efforts have tended to stall out after the easy work of reducing energy and waste. But there is

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How social entrepreneurs made an impact at Davos 2019

Over 3,000 leaders, including more than 50 heads of state, last month descended on the mountain town of Davos for the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2019, under the theme Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Among them were a delegation of 20 pioneering Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs, coming

The Sustainability Game

When it emerged on the scene a decade ago, sustainable finance was widely regarded as little more than a boutique business for a relative handful of concerned investors. Today, it might be on the cusp of prime time. “They said that 2018 would be the year of socially responsible investing. Now they say 2019,” says

AAMI Addresses Sustainability for Medical Devices

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue for the healthcare industry, particularly in the wake of the United Nation’s Climate Summit in late September. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, an AAMI standards committee is seeking members to help develop a technical information report (TIR) that addresses what environmental, health, and safety implications medical device manufacturers

How to Tie Executive Compensation to Sustainability

The challenge of running a sustainable enterprise has taken center stage among shareholders. Last year, for example, Russell 3000 companies received 144 shareholder proposals requesting action on social and environmental issues. Meanwhile, in a survey of 89 institutional investors by Callan, 43% of respondents said they incorporate sustainability factors into their investment decisions — up

New alignment project seeks to ‘cut the clutter’ in sustainability reporting

Richard Howitt of the International Integrated Reporting Council on today’s launch of an important new phase towards harmonising the ‘alphabet’s soup’ of corporate sustainability reporting standards Business knows it has to change to survive. The concept of “business as usual” has become redundant. It is now commonplace in business circles to hear dire warnings about

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The science of sustainability

The U.S. city of Louisville, Kentucky isn't known as a hotbed of environmental action and innovation, but that could change as it has recently become home to a first-of-its-kind collaboration between environmentalists, city leaders and public health professionals. The Green Heart Project, funded in part by the United States National Institutes of Health, will plant

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Great news for champions of sustainable, ethical behavior

Wherever you live, and wherever you stand on the political spectrum, you probably believe that a significant share of the political elite in your country is irredeemably corrupt and unethical. And wherever you work, it is also likely that you know some senior leaders who do a poor job of conveying tone at the top

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Sustainability Strides

UC Santa Barbara has been named a top performer in three categories of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) 2018 Sustainable Campus Index. The annual index ranks the nation’s most sustainable colleges and universities, as measured by AASHE’s Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS). Highlighting innovative and high-impact sustainability initiatives

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Does sustainability lead to better companies?

We debate an age-old chicken-and-egg question when we get together with other sustainability leaders: Are sustainable businesses more successful? Or are successful businesses more sustainable? And, honestly, does it really matter which came first? Sustainability and good business go hand in hand, whether sustainability drives business results or is the result of good business practices.

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Think Your Business Can’t Afford a Sustainability Certification?

Twenty years ago, a company could say it was sustainable and consumers would get excited with little questioning. But in an era of greenwashing lawsuits, consumers are demanding transparency when a business claims it's socially or environmentally responsible. To meet these demands, many organizations have turned to third-party sustainability certifications. Given the recent emergence of

Canadian small businesses leading the way in sustainability

New research from the University of Waterloo shows that Canadian small businesses are important- and often overlooked- drivers of sustainability and the green economy. The Waterloo study, led by researcher Sarah Burch, discovered that eight out of 10 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) surveyed are already implementing sustainable business practices. SMEs make up 98.2 per

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