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Can Technology Drive Sustainability?

Over recent decades, it’s become clear that humans are simply using more unclean energy and resources than can be sustained over the long term This fact becomes even more apparent when looking at the remarkable growth of China and India, among other countries, which will lead to far greater demand for energy over the coming

How Supply Chains Bridge The Gap Between Sustainability Desires And Reality

I first learned about global warming while still in college in the early 1990s. I had enrolled in “Our Home, the Solar System,” a class taught by the famous astronomer, Carl Sagan. Enrollment was limited to just 15 students, and to get in I had to write an essay. My rationale was that as a

Freaked out about the future of the planet? Don’t let fear ruin your finances

“Do ETFs, REITs and mutual funds still make sense to invest in if the planet won’t survive ’til our retirement?” So read an Instagram DM from a friend earlier this year. The reasoning was fairly clear: A recent report from the United Nations indicates that climate change is harming the world’s food supply to a catastrophic degree,

The Rise Of Biodesign – Growing Our Way To A More Sustainable Future

Permeating our news channels, social media feeds and newspaper headlines is the growing debate around how best to tackle the global climate emergency - as evidenced by the current uproar around the burning Amazon and the relative inaction of billionaires, or others deemed able to intervene.  Often packaged under the term ‘sustainability,’ we are being asked to

4SD—“skills, systems, and synergies for sustainable development”

When David Nabarro worked with the United Nations to develop the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, he noticed a problem: the specialized university tracks many global leaders go through, whether in health, nutrition or development studies, might not prepare them for the kind of cross-disciplinary, people-centered leadership Nabarro deemed necessary to implement the agenda’s 17

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Nearly 200 CEOs just agreed on an updated definition of “the purpose of a corporation”

Since 1997, the Business Roundtable, America’s most influential group of corporate leaders, has agreed on one principle: “The paramount duty of management and of boards of directors is to the corporation’s stockholders,” its mission statement declared. The interests of other stakeholders, like employees, were only “relevant as a derivative of the duty to stockholders.” Now, however,

5 ways to shift consumers towards sustainable behaviour

Most people want to be sustainable, but have a hard time taking the necessary actions. According to Nielsen, a data analytics company, sustainability is the latest consumer trend. Their research shows chocolate, coffee and bath products with sustainability claims grew much faster than their traditional counterparts. Yet only 0.2 per cent of chocolates and 0.4

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The value of sustainability to business

“Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children.” – Kenyan proverb According to James Cook University Australia, sustainability can be defined as the ability to “maintain healthy environmental, social and economic systems in balance, indefinitely, on a global and local scale”. Contrary

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Sustainability: The Key To Future Business Growth

Businesses across the globe have recognized that embracing sustainability is no longer a choice. They realize that they need to be mindful of their operations in order to maintain overall profitability. Climate change is one of the most imminent threats that has unprecedented implications on how people live, work and play. Changes in temperature and

UCLA to help create first-ever sustainability plan

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an ambitious sustainability plan that calls for phasing out fossil fuels, deriving 80% of the county’s water from local sources and a host of other actions to address climate change and improve quality of life in the region. Sixteen UCLA researchers contributed to the OurCounty plan,

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Lessons From Two Cities’ Sustainable Development Strategies

When population scientists made the prediction that London would have up to 10 million residents by the year 2050, the city established the long-term framework known as “London Environment Strategy” to prepare for the upsurge and strengthen the environment in preparation. The plan is for the city to be the greenest global city by then,

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How much does the world spend on the Sustainable Development Goals?

Pouring several colors of paint into a single bucket produces a gray pool of muck, not a shiny rainbow. So too with discussions of financing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Jumbling too many issues into the same debate leads to policy muddiness rather than practical breakthroughs. Financing the SDGs requires a much more disaggregated mindset:

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Climate Action and Sustainable Development are Inseparable

Climate action and sustainable development are inseparable. Climate change is a threat multiplier. It amplifies existing threats, exacerbating problems for the economy, environment and society. I would like to share with you three points of linkage between climate change and the sustainable development goals based upon our latest assessment. First, the current warming is already

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Fashion brands ranked for toxic textiles and sustainability

The worst companies, which failed metrics on Green America’s score card, include J. Crew, OshKosh B’gosh and Forever 21. “Consumers want sustainable clothing, and the market is responding. But too often, many of the promises we hear from conventional companies are token sustainability initiatives that are band-aids to one small part of the problem, or

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Tying Executive Compensation to Sustainability

The final link in the chain of improving corporate accountability for sustainability is to tie improvements to pay. In our last article, we explained that companies should use incentives to motivate executives to tap big strategic opportunities related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Now we want to describe how these incentives should be

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5 Steps for Tying Executive Compensation to Sustainability

The final link in the chain of improving corporate accountability for sustainability is to tie improvements to pay. In our last article, we explained that companies should use incentives to motivate executives to tap big strategic opportunities related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Now we want to describe how these incentives should be designed. What

Detroit releases plan to address city’s sustainability issues

Detroit took an important step towards entering the 21st century by releasing its Sustainability Action Agenda to address the city’s numerous sustainability issues. The 55-page report, produced by the city’s Office of Sustainability, outlines ways to improve the health, environment, and resiliency of Detroit and its residents. “Sustainability” means a number of different things to

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Boston Brings Sustainability, Equity to Its Food Purchasing

Buying locally really can make a difference. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) found this out in 2012 after adopting a good food purchasing program (GFPP)—a policy that gives institutions a framework for buying local, sustainable, and humanely sourced food. After the school district implemented the program, its produce and bread distributor, Gold Star

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Our guide to Andalucia’s best sustainable restaurants

Andalucia is without A doubt one of Spain’s most scenic region, attracting thousands of tourists each year. Where is it located? A popularity also earned thanks to Its diverse culinary scene. The region has plenty to offer beyond the traditional salmorejo (cold and garlicky tomato soup), seafood and tortilla de camarones. With a focus on

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