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Opportunity Zones Are Heating Up As The Year Progresses

Many consumers no longer make decisions solely based on the product or service they are receiving, but also consider the principles and values of the organizations they are engaging. Companies are now more emboldened than ever to align themselves with social issues, promote partnerships with charities and herald their sustainability practices to differentiate themselves from

Social Responsibility No Longer a ‘Niche’

As most advisors know, U.S. sustainable investing has grown dramatically, up 38% since 2016 in the U.S. to make up 26% of the $46.6 trillion in U.S. assets under management, according to the  U.S. Sustainable Investment Foundation’s 2018 report on Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Trends. Since 1995, when US SIF first started keeping tabs,

Why should companies care about social responsibility?

Over time, the relationship between business and society has evolved. Business has had a significant impact on the way we travel, homes we inhabit, foods we eat, and conveniences we enjoy. Every product and service we enjoy is a testament to the positive differences businesses have made in our everyday lives. But has this improved

Millennials are leading an investment revolution

Nuveen’s Third Annual Responsible Investing Survey of over 1,000 affluent investors found there is increased interest in working for, buying from, and investing in socially responsible companies. This is even more true among the millennials surveyed. 92% of millennials agreed with the statement “I care more about having a positive impact on society than doing well

Why Pushing For Social Responsibility Is Smart Business

Normally when BlackRock speaks, corporate America listens. With over $6 trillion under management, BlackRock’s Founder and CEO Larry Fink is one of the most powerful men on Wall Street. But his recent annual CEO letter has sparked a fierce debate among the thousands of powerful CEOs who received it. Do businesses, as Mr. Fink asks, have a

Starbucks shareholders slam family leave policy

Shareholders are calling for Starbucks to change its family leave policy.  On Monday, a group of shareholders led by Zevin Asset Management filed a resolution to express concern with the company's "unequal paid parental leave policy." While Starbucks' corporate offices have extensive maternity and paternity leave policies, these policies do not include in-store workers. Corporate employees can receive

How One Woman Is Raising Money For 385,000 Women Entrepreneurs

Want a great return on your investment? Invest in women! I’ve written about: Investing in high-growth, women-led companies. Investing in publicly traded companies that are women friendly. Providing loans to women-owned companies via CNote and Kiva. Add to that list Women’s Livelihood Bond (WLB), the world’s first social sustainability bond to be listed on a stock exchange. The bond will support both

How Purpose And Social Responsibility Can Set Your Small Business Apart

Social responsibility is a concept that has steadily crept into the areas of personal and business branding. By now you have probably already noticed a handful of high-profile corporations integrating social responsibility into their marketing strategies. Being involved in social responsibility is a way to do something positive for others, strengthen the brand of your business,

Why Businesses Committed to a Social Cause Succeed

Social responsibility is gaining a lot of momentum in the business world, and startups to established businesses are becoming more socially responsible. Recently, while sourcing some printed marketing materials, I came across Print Social, a company based out of North Carolina. Their products, prices and reviews are great, but what stood out was their social