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Shaping Social Impact Education Through Collective Wisdom

When the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship was founded at Oxford’s Saïd Business School in 2003, it was one of the first business-school centers of its kind, leading the way in Europe. The students who received Skoll Scholarships for their social impact-focused track records were anomalies in classrooms filled with hopeful consultants, bankers, and accountants.

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The Future of Social Impact Education in Business Schools and Beyond

Coming soon: Business schools—once reserved for those who wanted to pursue careers as bankers, consultants, and CEOs—now boast a wealth of social entrepreneurship and social innovation courses. More and more students are seeking out these courses with a hope of creating high-impact future careers. This increase in demand for social impact courses leaves universities and

This Wind Turbine Is Cheaper Than An iPhone – And Can Power Your Home

In the heart of India however, two brothers are working on making sustainable energy affordable to the common man. Arun and Anoop George are the founders of the Avant Garde Innovations start-up. Their most recent creation is a small-scale wind turbine that will be priced at Rs 50,000 (around £600) – about the same price

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Gender Gaps in Math Persist, With Teachers Underrating Girls’ Math Skills

Beginning in early elementary school, boys outperform girls in math – especially among the highest achievers – continuing a troubling pattern found in the late 1990s, finds a new analysis led by NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. Read more at NYU

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Social Impact Bonds: What’s in a Name?

Social impact bonds (SIBs) hold extraordinary potential. They represent a more effective way to distribute grant dollars, catalyze investment in the nonprofit sector, unlock impact data, and foster greater transparency and accountability. For a nonprofit sector that to date has been shackled with an opaque and inefficient capital market, any of these benefits would be

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Savvy Credit Unions Spawn Social Impact

Credit unions contribute millions of dollars every year to support hundreds of national and local charitable causes that epitomize the community's mantra of people helping people. Beyond these generous donations, however, credit unions are making extraordinary investments to bring sustainable social impact to communities and other initiatives that have improved people's lives. Read more at

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Student scrutinizes meal swipes for social good

Ritvik Kharkar considers analyzing the black market for dining hall swipes a matter of social good. His analysis compiles colorful graphs with sharp spikes representing the alternating high and low numbers of swipes for sale throughout the academic year. He found students tended to sell swipes at an increased rate for less money toward the

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4 takeaways from Social Good Summit 2016

Development practitioners, NGO leaders and celebrities convene each year at the summit to discuss the latest at the intersection of tech and social good. This year’s event, hosted by Mashable in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, the United Nations Development Program and the 92nd Street Y, was no different. In 2015, Social Good Summit attendees

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College junior designs shoes for social impact

Fernando Rojo walks in nobody else’s footsteps, nor their shoes for that matter. The would-be College junior is taking a semester off to work full-time on the launch of his shoe company, PATOS Shoes, a brand that offers high quality footwear with a positive social impact. The design of the shoe combines a modern, minimalist

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