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This UK fintech startup wants to end payday poverty cycle forever

At present, many fintech startups are working on reforming the payday lending industry. For low wage earners, budgeting can be complex when income and bills are farther apart. There are few in the industry, who prey on the desperation of people by lending short-term loans with extremely high interest, forcing the customer into a deep pit of

‘There’s never been a better time to look at impact investment’ – Sir Ronald Cohen

“When you bring an impact lens to a business, you affect both the risk and the return dimension of your decision,” said Sir Ronald Cohen, addressing a gathering of 900 attendees from 54 countries, comprising social entrepreneurs, investors, and activists. Speaking about the importance of impact investment, the business of it and the urgency to shift

Fairtrade banking: Social impact investing is going mainstream

Many people are familiar with fairtrade coffee, but less clear about where to go for the equivalent of “fairtrade banking”. This is where a new suite of products called social impact investment comes in. Social impact investment was originally a niche market. Options for people who wanted to be socially responsible in their investments were