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Building a social enterprise from scratch

IMPACT investments are increasingly capturing the imagination and passion of younger investors, but one family has done more than just dip their toes into the asset class. Lam Shumei, daughter of the late successful entrepreneur and businessman Larry Lam, built a chicken farm in Rwanda from scratch in 2014, braving an arid bushland, unfamiliar business

Useful resources for Social Entrepreneurs

Following the recent announcement of the UK Social Entrepreneur Index, we’ve put together a list of the great resources and sources of information recommended by the successful social entrepreneurs included in the Index.  These books, articles, videos and websites provided invaluable knowledge and encouragement to the social entrepreneurs we spoke to, helping them to succeed.

How a Social Entrepreneur is Fighting Counterfeit Medicines in the Developing World

Not long ago, the social entrepreneur Bright Simons tried and failed to create a platform to pair organic farmers in Ghana with consumers of organic products. But in that failure he made an important discovery that is now revolutionizing the fight against fake and counterfeit goods in the developing world — including potentially deadly counterfeit

Balancing Act: One Entrepreneur’s Journey with Social Enterprise

In the entrepreneurial space, Mpho Sekwele is a force to be reckoned with. The daughter of parents who created their own small businesses in South Africa, Sekwele built on that firsthand knowledge by working in retail for 10 years before launching her own ventures. Bantu Hikers is her nonprofit mentoring organization, and SintuOnline is her

Meet The Social Entrepreneur Who Discovered A Problem Hiding In Plain Sight

There are lots of people who want to change the world—people who wish to use their time and talent to “do good.” But there’s no clear roadmap for how. Many social entrepreneurs, myself included, trace our journey back to a lightbulb moment where a combination of right-place-right-time and active curiosity suddenly illuminated a path forward.

70M People Are Counting On This Social Entrepreneur To Succeed

John Kluge, 35, founder and managing director for the Refugee Investment Network or the RIN, created this matchmaking service between impact investors and impact actors in the refugee space with a key group of people in mind: the 70 million refugees and internally displaced people in the world. With refugees spending an average of 26 years in

How To Spark Entrepreneurship: Lessons From Innovation Hubs

"Entrepreneur" is generally understood to mean someone who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of an idea or enterprise. Because of the risk associated with entrepreneurship, it is easy to assume success requires a specific type of person. But is it possible to create an environment that helps a range of people bring ideas to

The social entrepreneur equipping youth with skills of the future

The first obstacle to meeting the challenge of job creation in commodity producing countries is breaking a mind-set among young people of complacency and engaging them enough to develop the skills needed for the roles of the future, according to a leading social entrepreneur from Colombia. Juan David Aristizabal is the founder of social enterprise Los

What Are The Challenges Of Running A For-Profit Social Enterprise?

What are the challenges of running a for-profit social enterprise? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. Answer by Andrew Forman, Co-Founder at Givz, on Quora: What are the challenges of running a for-profit social enterprise? This is a crucial question, since social enterprises are a

How impact investors can better serve communities: ask them what they need

Amid the decline of the coal economy in West Virginia, the city of Williamson has not fared well. Nestled in the heart of coal country in Mingo County, Williamson has lost more than 2,000 jobs–25% of its workforce–in the last four years. The city also struggles with some of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes,

Meet The Social Entrepreneur Behind Africa’s “Uber For The Farm”

Uber’s ride-sharing technology has become ubiquitous over the last 10 years, and its model has been adapted to everything from snow-plowing to dog-walking services. Now, social entrepreneur Jehiel Oliver and his organization, Hello Tractor, have demonstrated another use: fighting poverty and scarcity in Africa’s remote rural communities. That fight is especially critical for the continent’s

Going Social: Why Businesses Must Invest More in Human Capital

According to a fresh study released by Deloitte Insights, there’s a new metric being used to measure the success of an enterprise. That is the success and strength of its relationships with its employees and customers as well as the community at large. In fact, nearly two-thirds of CEOs surveyed indicated that inclusive growth was a top concern. It was

Social entrepreneur rides on sustainable, scalable revolutions through the Bambike

AT the peak of rush hour, on the last working day before a long weekend, Bryan Benitez-McClelland challenged his intern to an “impromptu intercity” race from Salcedo Village in Makati to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig. McClelland rode his bicycle, while his intern took a motorcycle. The former arrived in BGC, parked his bike

From Direct Action to Advisory Services: A Pathway to Scale for Social Entrepreneurs

A central question for any social entrepreneur with a proven, effective innovation is how to scale its impact. For many organizations and funders, the answer to this question is elusive. There are many pathways to scale beyond simply amplifying an organization’s own direct action. At the Skoll Foundation, we’ve been carefully documenting and analyzing the work of