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Fear Not The Family Office, This Is What Banks Should Think About

The family office has become a significantly powerful sector in the world of business, research conducted by Campden Wealth indicates that family offices now control assets in excess of $4 trillion. Despite the significant costs relating to setting up and sustaining a Family Office, EY estimates that there are currently 10,000 single-family offices, a ten-fold increase since 2008. Traditionally,

Investing in Water for Impact

At Shenandoah Growers’ indoor farm in Rockingham, Va., rainwater is collected on the roof and channeled into a retention tank, where it is mechanically filtered before being pumped into a proprietary system that creates a natural nitrogen cycle indoors. Then the U.S. Department of Agriculture certified organic water is intermittently supplied to the roots of

4 Easy Ways To Map Your Work To Social And Environmental Impact

Humans are hungry to feel that their work has impact in the world. A job isn’t just a job anymore. It’s where we spend the majority of our waking hours. When we’re not at the “office” (an increasingly vague place name), we’re likely checking emails, reviewing documents, or posting on social media in between social

Impact investing needs to break out of its niche

In the 10 years since the term was coined, impact investing has seen incredible success with a swell of support from governments and investors all over the world. But while it is easy to look at this momentum and interpret the growth of the industry as a triumph, when we start to look at the

Impact Investors Seek to Expand Market

Impact investing has accelerated rapidly in the last several years as more investors—both big institutional firms as well as wealthy families—seek to put capital into enterprises that make a difference for people and the planet while still generating a financial return. Investors who view impact investing as a path to achieving real change, can take

Disruptive technologies’ rising popularity in sustainable startups – Seedrs

In June 2016 Macrebur won the Voom competition organised by Virgin. The startup takes carefully selected plastics from old rubbish and uses it to create stronger asphalt for roads. The following year they turned to equity crowdfunding to raise over £1.3 million on Seedrs. They are just one of a growing number of startups that are focusing on building a profitable company, whilst simultaneously helping

The impact investment strategies that helped make these funds among the ‘Best for the World’

Private-equity firm CoreCo has an investment thesis you’re not likely to read about in The Wall Street Journal. The $54 million fund spots high-growth businesses in Central America that operate with sustainable business practices. CoreCo is among this year’s Best for the World funds named by nonprofit B Lab, based on an assessment of the impact of each company

History has steered folks to environmental, social and governance investing

In September 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency accused German automaker Volkswagen of installing computer software in 482,000 American vehicles to conceal nitrogen oxide emissions up to 40 times above the legal limit. The company subsequently acknowledged that up to 11 million cars worldwide had been fitted with a similar “defeat device.” It pays to look

Sorting Out Impact Investing In A Changing Market

Bob Webster is a Managing Director at SEAF, leading its impact investing strategy and management, as well as serving on its Global Investment Committee, supporting new fund launches, and working on select operational and fundraising initiatives. Prior to joining SEAF, Bob was Chief Operating Officer for the Grassroots Business Fund, a leading impact investment fund,