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Why Solar Execs Say the Game Is Already Over for Non-Renewable Energy

Solar power may currently make up less than 2% of the world’s energy mix, but the outlook of solar company executives is, uh, sunny. “What’s important is new [energy] generation, and in the US, renewables are 70% of new generation. It’s game over,” said Tom Werner, CEO of SunPower, the California-based solar company, speaking at

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Initiative aims to bring a billion people in from the dark

Electricity could be delivered to more than a billion people currently living without it within a decade by linking up small-scale projects into a giant, environmentally-friendly network. According to a new global commission, advances in micro energy grids and renewable energy technologies could “dramatically accelerate change” and transform lives in rural areas of sub-Saharan African

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What’s the Right Balance of Energy, Security and Sustainability?

An energy transition is unfolding around the world. In efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution, governments are installing increasing amounts of wind and solar. Since 2000, renewable installations in the power sector have risen from 20 GW per year to around 160 GW per year and now account for almost two-thirds of

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Creating a common language for solar

As solar comes to represent a larger proportion of the global energy mix, direct comparisons with conventional energy sources, and even with other renewables, are becoming more and more important. This is reflected in a bid by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s (UNECE) Expert Group to standardize reporting on solar energy potential. Long

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Top sectors for jobs in the renewable energy

With businesses and nations attempting to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate their impact on the environment, many are turning to renewable sources of energy. Eleven million people worked in renewable energy in 2018, according to recent analysis from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). This represents an increase of 700,000 compared to

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Renewable energy sources produced 20% of U.S. electricity

Renewable energy sources (biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) accounted for more than one-fifth (20.1%) of net domestic electrical generation during the first six months of 2019, according to a SUN DAY Campaign analysis of just-released data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). A year earlier, renewables’ share was 19.9%. The latest issue of EIA’s

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Sustainability Group Awards Two Wind Energy Projects in Iowa

Of the many wind energy projects in the United States, only three are verified as sustainable by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure. Recently, two of them -- developed by power generation and distribution provider Alliant Energy with support from Black & Veatch as owner’s engineer – were the first wind projects ever to achieve the

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India is promising a push toward sustainability

Home to more than 1 billion people, India is a huge economic, political and cultural force and when it comes to renewable energy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has ambitious plans. In June 2019, Anand Kumar, the secretary of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, said the country planned to have 500 gigawatts of

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Opportunity zones could provide major boost for clean energy

When Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, a $13 billion foundation guided by a vision for social justice, and Steve Mnuchin, President Donald Trump’s treasury secretary, agree that the Opportunity Zones program is the biggest economic development opportunity in 50 years, it’s worth taking a closer look. A provision of the Tax Cuts and

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Plymouth Energy suspends production at ethanol plant in Iowa

An ethanol plant in northwest Iowa, US has suspended production ‘until further notice’, according to a statement from the plant’s owner Plymouth Energy. The company’s ethanol plant is one of at least 10 in the US to temporarily suspend operations, with a further three closing for good, Radio Iowa reported. “A lot of the experts

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10% of fossil fuel subsidy ‘could pay for green transition’

Switching just some of the huge subsidies supporting fossil fuels to renewables would unleash a runaway clean energy revolution, according to a new report, significantly cutting the carbon emissions that are driving the climate crisis. Coal, oil and gas get more than $370bn (£305bn) a year in support, compared with $100bn for renewables, the International

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Better renewable energy storage could cut emissions

Drive through nearly any corner of America long enough and giant solar farms or rows of wind turbines come into view, all with the goal of increasing the country’s renewable energy use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But what some may not realize is at times these renewable energy sources can produce more power than

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Could Rust Be a New Source of Renewable Energy?

Rust is often associated with decay and disrepair, but scientists at Caltech and Northwestern University are looking at rust differently: as a means of generating electricity. Rust, after all, is nothing more than iron oxide. Thin films of it, as the scientists show in a new study, could be used to generate electricity when interacting

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A good first step toward nontoxic solar cells

Solar panel installations are on the rise in the U.S., with more than 2 million new installations in early 2019, the most ever recorded in a first quarter, according to a recent report by Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables. To meet the ever-increasing demands, low-cost and more efficient alternatives to

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Microgrid provides resiliency hub with sustainable power

When an ice storm hit Ontario, Canada, in 2013, transmission lines were knocked down, leaving hundreds of thousands of residents without power for days. Without electricity, the communities within the province are at risk of being exposed to perilous temperatures. With climate change increasing the future prevalence of severe winter weather, North Bay Hydro Services

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Which countries are leading the way in sustainable energy?

As the threat of global warming continues, countries around the world are working hard to build a more sustainable way of living. One way they are doing this is focusing on delivering more sustainable energy solutions. So, which countries are leading the way in sustainable energy and why are they doing better than some other

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