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UWO research shows steep energy bills can lead families into poverty

While it makes sense that families living below the poverty line have a difficult time covering their energy bills, new University of Wisconsin Oshkosh research shows the reverse to be true as well … high energy bills can lead a household into poverty. The nationwide study—led by UWO environmental sociologist Jeremiah Bohr and published Nov. 15 in the peer-reviewed journal Social Forces—indicates that dedicating inordinate amounts of income to energy services can threaten a family’s well-being over time. “In

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Ending Learning Poverty: A Target to Galvanize Action on Literacy

At a school in Malawi, students are enjoying play time at recess. Unfortunately, sometimes recess lasts all day because the teacher doesn’t come to work. In a classroom in Armenia, students are receiving grades for their ability to repeat memorized text, with textbooks dominating the learning process rather than teacher instruction and innovation, leaving graduates

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Nobel honors trio taking an experimental approach to fighting poverty

Economists may not build gigantic atom smashers or gene-sequencing facilities, but they can still perform rigorous experiments. This year’s Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences honors three researchers who pioneered the use of randomized controlled trials to determine how best to ameliorate global poverty. Michael Kremer of Harvard University and Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo,

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Answering The Question, ‘How Do You Help People Too Poor For Microloans?’

Upaya Social Ventures is a nonprofit impact investing firm that answers the question, “How do you help people too poor for microloans?” The answer is both easy and challenging: jobs. The presumption of microlending programs often seems to be that everyone can or should be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a powerful economic driver, but most people

52 ideas that changed the world – 9. Fairtrade

Fairtrade in 60 seconds Fairtrade is a movement based on the principle that farmers and workers in poorer countries deserve fair prices for their produce and labour. It champions decent working conditions in the developing world, and long-term sustainability both for communities and the environment. The largest group in the movement is Fairtrade International, which

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Cocoa farm workers aren’t reaping the benefits

Long before it hits supermarket shelves, cocoa passes through dozens, if not hundreds, of hands—many of which belong to the laborers that harvest and hack the beans from their large, leathery pods. For years, members of the cocoa industry in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)—the world’s leading producer of this product—have been partnering with Fairtrade International,

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Persistent poverty endangers health in 20% of UK children

A recent study shows that one in five children in the UK have a higher risk of developing adolescent mental health disorders or physical illness because of persistent poverty. This alarming scenario comes from a new paper published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. In 2016-17, about 4.1 million children, or 30%, in the

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Global poverty research center gets major philanthropic boost

In recognition of philanthropic support from Robert “Bob” King, MBA ’60, and Dorothy “Dottie” King, the Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development is changing its name to the Stanford King Center on Global Development. The support from the Kings, together with investments from other philanthropists, will create new research opportunities for faculty and students,

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FPWAs Ending the Poverty to Prison Pipeline Report 2019

A new report by FPWA details the criminalization of poverty. The health and human services sector can disrupt the “poverty to prison pipeline” – but only by becoming aware of the key role they can play in battling poverty, according to the report. “Although the majority of health and human services providers do not currently

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Oxfam America leader talks poverty and inequality

In a talk aptly named “Inequality and the Injustice of Poverty” on Tuesday night, President and CEO of Oxfam America Abigail Maxman challenged her audience of around three dozen students and professors in Kresge Auditorium to consider the challenge that these two forces pose today. “The gap between the richest and the poorest has reached

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Low-income neighborhoods more vulnerable to flooding

Portland experiences both extreme heat in the summer months and frequent nuisance flooding in the winter and spring, and that's only expected to worsen with climate change. A new Portland State University study found the potential for flooding and extreme heat is most acute in East Portland's low-income neighborhoods that have fewer green spaces and

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A third of homeless deaths are from treatable conditions

A third of deaths among homeless people are caused by treatable conditions such as tuberculosis and gastric ulcers, which can improve with the right care, a UCL study has found. Academics led by Dr Robert Aldridge (UCL Institute of Health Informatics) analysed nearly 4,000 in-depth medical records for 600 people who died in English hospitals

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Study of low-income American women finds that small loans can help them a little

For a while, microfinance was the hottest trend in global development. The promise? That you could transform a poor person’s life with a very small loan that would let them start their own business — and then the lender gets their money back, which could then go on to transform someone else’s life. That early

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Industrial projects help 210,000 shake off poverty in Tibet

A total of 210,000 people have been lifted out of poverty through industrial development projects in the past three years in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. The regional poverty alleviation and development office said from 2016 to 2018 Tibet has poured nearly 29 billion yuan (US$4.3 billion) to develop 2,263 industrial projects, aiming to help

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7 surprising and outrageous stats about gender inequality

Around the world, the achievements of women are being celebrated on International Women’s Day, which began back in 1911. But the day also highlights the work that remains to be done in order to achieve gender parity. The theme for this year is #BalanceforBetter - encapsulating the idea that a gender-balanced world benefits everyone, economically

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Rise in health spending pushing 100 million people to extreme poverty: WHO

The report "2018 Global Health Expenditure" revealed that in low and middle-income countries health spending is growing on average 6 per cent annually compared with 4 per cent in high-income countries. While governments provide an average of 51 per cent of a country's health spending, more than 35 per cent of health spending per country

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