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The Downside of Social Impact Bonds

When I started making The Invisible Heart, a documentary film about Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), the concept was relatively new. It was 2015 and there were roughly 45 SIBs globally. Observers had great hopes that this new financing model would revolutionize social service delivery. By making private investment available to social programs, SIBs were expected to bring

Paying for success: The story of how Utah became a leader in social impact investing

A Utah preschool program that has helped hundreds of severely at-risk 4-year-olds avoid costly special education programs is making waves across the country. And it didn’t cost taxpayers a penny to pilot the program. The Utah High Quality Preschool Program, which launched in 2013, uses a new model called “pay for success” in which private

How Social Impact Bonds Can Confound Their Critics and Deliver Better Value For Government

Last month, the U.K. Government announced almost £200m of funding for 22 programmes backed by social impact bonds (SIBs), via the Life Chances Fund – providing an additional boost for this innovative impact investment approach. There have now been well over 100 SIBs commissioned around the world. Pioneered in 2012 by Social Finance as a

Cities experiment to reduce homelessness with “pay for success” finance

The past couple of years have been a roller-coaster for Maurice Cushinberry - first of homelessness, substance abuse and legal trouble, and then of sudden stability. Although he had tried to find a home during that time, he was discouraged by the paperwork and process. But shortly after Easter last year, a social worker contacted