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The How-To: Measuring Outcomes Of Impact Investing

With the world facing different challenges, including the finite amounts of water, natural resources and land which all are already heavily tarnished by humans, as well as a less predictable climate, one of the major concerns is how to provide for nine billion people by 2050? Impact investing, which involves the placement and unlocking of capital to

Almost Everything You Know About Impact Investing Is Wrong

Impact investing has never been more popular nor more in peril. The field is wracked by confusion over basic principles, dubious practices that invite cynicism, and biases against large companies. If more clarity is not brought to the movement, it risks a hard fall. The stakes are high, and the world does not have a surplus

What can impact due diligence tools do for you?

A vocal minority of impact investing practitioners have long espoused that impact measurement is a waste of time and resources because it distracts investors from their primary objective: to support the growth of businesses tackling real social and environmental challenges. That position is no longer defensible. While impact investors recognize they must strike a careful

At the Heart of Impact Measurement, Listening to Customers

Impact measurement has been called many things: confusing, costly, even quixotic. According to an annual survey of impact investors by the Global Impact Investing Network(GIIN), unsophisticated measurement practice is one of the five biggest constraints to growing the impact investing market. But does assessing impact need to be so challenging? If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Lean

The challenge for impact investing is management, not measurement

It feels like we’re at an important point in the evolution of impact investing.  While the field has shown tremendous growth over the past few years, there are far more asset owners still sitting on the sidelines – interested in impact, but not yet investing. So why is it that – to quote the famous