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Ethical investments abound

Shifting attitudes and growing social and environmental awareness are reshaping our world. Consumers are highly aware of the environmental and social impact their spending habits can have. Investors are increasingly demanding that their investments not only deliver sustainable financial returns, but also reflect their ethical or moral values. And regulators are enforcing more stringent environmental

Global Impact Investments Show Healthy Growth: Study

The impact investing market continues to grow and mature, according to the Global Impact Investing Network’s ninth annual investor study. The 266 investors that participated in the study collectively manage $239 billion in impact investing assets, which they allocate across geographies, sectors and instruments. GIIN said this figure represents nearly half the total impact investing market as measured

ESG gets into gear: who’s winning the race to the fore?

Fiona Reynolds, CEO of the UN’s Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), has recently heard ‘very large fund managers’ call ESG the ‘fad of the moment’. Given the level of airtime currently being enjoyed by ESG backers you’d be forgiven for thinking it has become a success overnight, but in fact its rise to prominence has

How One Woman Is Raising Money For 385,000 Women Entrepreneurs

Want a great return on your investment? Invest in women! I’ve written about: Investing in high-growth, women-led companies. Investing in publicly traded companies that are women friendly. Providing loans to women-owned companies via CNote and Kiva. Add to that list Women’s Livelihood Bond (WLB), the world’s first social sustainability bond to be listed on a stock exchange. The bond will support both

Why Impact Investing Has Reached a Tipping Point

More major mainstream investment managers are flocking to impact investments. Already, funds invested in it are well into the tens of trillions and some foundations are committing to invest their endowments in it. Perhaps even more telling than these indicators suggesting that impact investing is heading toward the mainstream: More students are enrolled in the