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Searching for Impact

The field of impact investing is growing rapidly with nearly $114 billion of total impact assets currently under management. As the sector continues grows, the need for new and innovative impact investment products will also increase. Investors have an opportunity to more deeply transform companies and industries for social and environmental benefit by introducing an

Building the Case for Impact: New Alliance Unites Profit and Purpose

So, you want to spend a career building wealth without regard for its impact on the environment, economy and society, and then allocate a small portion of this later in life through grant-making to create a favorable legacy? Why not get it right from the beginning, a win-win for all stakeholders that generate positive impacts

CalPERS Throws its Weight Around to Make the World a Better Place

Some call it altruistic investing. Others use adjectives like responsible, sustainable or social impact. The concept is to strategically choose where to invest so that you can have a positive effect while still making a profit. The California Public Employees Retirement System has made recent changes to make them a leader in this field. Usually,

Impact Investing and the Pursuit of Social Equity

There’s great potential for impact investing to decrease income equality in the United States, but for that to happen, investors need to pay more attention to how they structure their investments.  Impact investing is on the ascendency, with more than $60 billion in assets under management and the potential for that number to grow quickly

Why Millennials Care About Social Impact Investing

Millennials, more than any previous generation, are investing in organizations that prioritize the greater good, most of which seek to provide access to resources, opportunities and rights that many of us take for granted. Millennials want to invest in organizations that don’t focus on lining the pockets of their boards of directors. They want to

Accountability: The Golden Opportunity in Impact Investing

Why investors need to integrate rights and accountability into development finance, and how they can begin. While impact investors rightly focus on positive investment returns, they should also be on the lookout for the social and environmental harm that their investments might cause—because in the final analysis, some of those investments do more harm than good.

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Pay for Success: How “Impact Investing” Can Make Government Services Better

In 2011, Antony Bugg-Levine and Jed Emerson published a book called Impact Investing to explain a new way to think about capital. Traditionally, profit-making and charity have been held in opposing camps backed by the belief that for-profit organizations should seek financial return, while non-profit organizations should fund societal impact. However, impact investing has broken that

Impact Investment Has Potential to End Youth Homelessness

In New South Wales, impact investment could end youth homelessness, according to the Mercy Foundation, which advocates for and supports innovative approaches to address the issue.  The government is developing a social impact bond, a type of impact investment model, to help reduce and prevent youth homelessness in the state, where 12,000 people under 25 present