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Investing with a Conscience: The Rise of ESG and What Really Matters to Investors

Socially responsible investing has really blossomed in the past few years. What used to be viewed as a niche investment philosophy is now firmly planted in the mainstream, with everyday consumers using their dollars to support companies that align with their personal values around sustainability and social progressiveness. But beyond the day-to-day choices, like what

Do-Good Capitalism Has to Act as If the World Depends on It

Climate change, extreme poverty, and all the world’s other big problems will be expensive to solve. The United Nations estimates that its 17 Sustainable Development Goals—a list of initiatives ranging from zero hunger to clean energy—will require annual commitments of private capital from $5 trillion to $7 trillion globally over the next decade. This daunting task

Climate Emergency: Fund Managers, Fossil Fuel Companies And Getting To Zero Emissions by 2050

Society is awakening to the facts of a climate emergency and the need for urgent climate action. Are individuals' demands, governmental requests, and major funds and companies aligned? We saw the Extinction Rebellion protests in London followed immediately by the UK Parliament declaring a National Climate Emergency . Almost a t the same time, the CEO of

Clarifying Community Benefits to Improve Place-Based Programs

Policymakers around the world are increasingly interested in place-based programs that use tax incentives, zoning regulations, and other measures to promote investment, economic growth, and positive changes in low-income, underdeveloped communities. Yet the towns and cities that have used the approach—exemplified by Opportunity Zones in the United States and Enterprise Precincts in Australia—have gotten mixed results. For one, the

How to Ensure ESG Investing Isn’t Whitewash

AS PEOPLE’S INTEREST IN socially responsible investing grows, mutual fund and exchange-traded fund issuers are introducing more investment vehicles to allow people to align their dollars with their values. Among the $46.6 trillion of U.S. professionally managed assets at the end of 2017, $12 trillion – roughly 26% – was earmarked for sustainable investing, according to data from

Sustainable Investing

There can be little doubt that public interest in matters of importance such as climate change, sustainability, the environment and conservation is on the rise – and sharply so. You just have to take a look at the TV or listen to the news and you’ll see it right there in front of you. Whether it’s the

Transformation Capital: A new investment logic for catalysing systems change

Avoiding the most perilous consequences of a warming planet requires rapid and unprecedented transformations in energy, land, urban infrastructure and industrial systems. As financial capital is an important lever in all socio-technical systems, the way capital accumulates and flows within such systems has a significant impact on our ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build

Survey on ESG and sustainability says…

Interest in ESG or “environment, social and corporate governance” issues has increased greatly in recent years. It has been driven by a number of factors, including investors seeking to avoid reputational risk, which has been more prominent following news events such as the Hayne Royal Commission, and concerns around climate change and the impact that

Corporations must help shape a better world – or risk being left behind

Corporations are powerful actors in society. They have the opportunity to shape the world around them and to influence global agendas. They have a responsibility not just to shareholders, but also to their employees, customers and the general public. Employees are increasingly choosing employers based on social responsibilities, rather than short-term profits, pushing companies to put transparency

Impact Investing: Invest In Your Principles And Your Retirement

Hardly a day goes by without a new headline about the rise of impact investing. Whether the article refers to the category as environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, socially responsible investing (SRI) or sustainable investing, the storyline is usually the same — impact investing is skyrocketing in popularity. Investors are increasingly seeking ways to

Social impact is new bottom line

Impact investing is a further evolution of the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment strategies alongside an overriding desire to ‘do good’ by delivering a social and total return. Although impact investing has to date largely been seen outside the real estate asset class, institutional and private investors are increasingly looking at

Opportunities in sustainable timberland

Interest in sustainable and impact forestry investing has been growing steadily over the past two decades, according to a new report by The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) titled “Scaling impact investing in forestry”. This presents an opportunity for impact investors to push for social and environmental change in the forestry asset class. Sustainable forestry

Social Enterprise & Impact Investing

The combined resources of government and philanthropy alone are insufficient to solve the many development challenges of the twenty first century. Over the past decade, there has been growing recognition within the private sector of the need to take a greater and more active role in promoting sustainable development globally, through generating employment for youth,

Sustainable finance in troubling times: five actions to prevent a crisis

Sustainable finance ended 2018 on a high. Never before has so much capital been committed to integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. But financial markets also entered an unnerving cycle. If we are not careful, growing financial turbulence could divert attention away from the urgent need to scale up investment in climate action and

The How-To: Measuring Outcomes Of Impact Investing

With the world facing different challenges, including the finite amounts of water, natural resources and land which all are already heavily tarnished by humans, as well as a less predictable climate, one of the major concerns is how to provide for nine billion people by 2050? Impact investing, which involves the placement and unlocking of capital to

Missing The Forest For The Trees: Can Impact Investing Shift Its Focus To Where The Big Money Lives?

What, exactly, is an impact investor? This question has been the subject of much debate and until recently, there has been a lack of objective standards to measure investors against their self-applied monikers of “impact-first” impact investors, “finance-first” impact investors, and everything in between. With the launch of the Operating Principles for Impact (“the Principles”) last month

LeapFrog Breaks Impact Investing Record, with $700M Emerging Markets Fund

LeapFrog Investments has announced the largest-ever private equity fund by a dedicated impact fund manager, surging past its $600m target to reach $700m. The new fund invests in healthcare and financial services companies – tapping into the demand from billions of emerging consumers in Asia and Africa. This fund alone targets reaching 70 million emerging

Investing for your portfolio and the planet

Headlines about the numerous environmental and social challenges that are threatening the planet often make for scary reading. Climate change, an ageing population and food sustainability are just a few of the global issues that urgently need tackling, with big brands and smaller companies increasingly waking up to these problems and the different ways they

Socially Responsible Investing Sounds Appealing, but Does it Actually Work?

Make money, do good, feel good, save the planet. That’s the pitch for socially and environmentally responsible investing. And this form of investing is a good one—clean water, not clean coal, to simplify it. Millennial investors, who don’t yet have enough money to do much with it, and family offices, which have billions at their disposal and

Investing for Social Impact Is Complicated. Here Are 4 Ways to Simplify It.

Investing in companies or organizations that make a positive change on society can be a bit like indulging in a vice: A lot of people might enjoy it privately, but they’re not comfortable talking about it publicly. When asked about this strategy, known as impact investing, investors typically give a lukewarm response or sidestep the