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In Hong Kong, the man with a novel solution to its housing, poverty issues

HONG KONG: He was visiting the homes of the underprivileged when he met a mother and son living in a unit in a building waiting to be redeveloped. “The son was doing his homework, and I noticed that behind him, water was dripping. It had a foul smell, like sewage … The mother was mopping

Nearly Every U.S. County Lacks Enough Affordable Housing

The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) released its 2019 Out of Reach report today. The report concluded that a full-time worker needs to earn an hourly wage of $22.96 on average to afford a modest, two-bedroom rental home in the U.S. This Housing Wage for a two-bedroom home is $15.71 higher than the federal minimum wage

Traffic Jams Are a Sign of Income Inequality

The Dutch-based navigation company TomTom NV has discovered in the course of research for its 2018 traffic congestion index that the German cities with the highest and fastest-growing apartment rents are also the most congested. This finding contains an important message for city planners: Instead of trying to fight cars, perhaps it’s worth putting effort into building

This healthcare giant invests millions in affordable housing to keep people healthy

In an East Oakland neighborhood on the verge of gentrification, when an affordable apartment complex went up for sale–and tenants there risked steeply rising rents–Kaiser Permanente, the largest private integrated healthcare system in the U.S., helped put up the money to buy the building and keep rent low. It’s the first impact investment for the

Poverty series highlights importance of affordable-housing, community-building strategies

It’s an often used refrain about lower-income, disadvantaged students: “ZIP code should not determine a student’s educational fate.’’ In other words, just because a child lives in a high-poverty area, he or she should not receive fewer resources or an inferior education. Yet a Star Tribune series published last week showed that ZIP code can