So, who doesn’t want a better healthcare system?

We are barraged with stories in the medical literature and in the public press about the terrible state of our healthcare system, what poor outcomes we have, the inefficiencies in care, complaints about the electronic medical record, inflated costs, lives ruined by medical bankruptcy, and massive social inequities in terms of access and quality of care.

Throughout our days taking care of patients, in all the different settings we doctors practice in, from solo practices in the community to large academic medical centers, from inpatient critical care units to outpatient family health centers, we see this playing out day to day.

We hear our patients complain, and we often feel their pain.

They can’t get access to the care they need, interminable waits, medicines they can’t afford, battles with insurance companies, frustrations with the system from every direction, and more.

And the providers are just as frustrated. Dealing with prior authorizations, clunky electronic medical records, endless bureaucracy and regulations, we find our days filled more and more with so many things that we want to do less and less.

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