Oxford city council has  announced it has turned its direct services operation into a social enterprise which means it can now bid for more commercial work.

The council explained that until now there were limits to the financial income that the DSO could earn but now it can make more money through the wholly-owned social enterprise which it has called Oxford Direct Services Ltd (ODS).

Simon Howick, the managing director of Oxford Direct Services, said the city council is now its main customer and the business would now be targeting commercial waste services: “The city council remains by far our largest customer and my number one focus will remain on continuing to improve the services we provide residents and businesses across the city. But we can also grow and continue to expand our commercial contracts with businesses and other organisations to generate additional income for the council, while at the same time continuing to innovate and becoming more efficient.”

In a statement yesterday (4 April) the city council said: “ODS will continue to deliver all of the Council’s statutory services currently provided to residents and business including waste and recycling, street cleaning, car park operations, parks maintenance and road repairs as well as additional services including garden waste collection, pest control, vehicle MOTs and building services.”

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