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How To Start With Sustainable Investing

The first thing to note: I’m on the fence about this whole capitalism thing. As I think about investment and savings, I’m always wondering if 70-year old Andrea will have the opportunity to reap the rewards of my decades of investment, or will the white supremacist, fossil fuel evildoers have their way and kill everything livable and beautiful

Rhino bonds: Can big finance really save big beasts?

Investors’ appetite for funds that aim to improve the environment and society, as well as making money, has grown quickly in 2019 — to the extent that some are beginning to push quite unconventional products. One such is the so-called Rhino Impact Bond, which is being coordinated by charity the Zoological Society of London and Conservation Capital,

The Surprising Leader In The Impact Investing Boom: Debt

Impact investing—investing with the intention of generating positive social or environmental impact and measuring the impact—was once the domain of nuns and other faith-based investors, who wanted their portfolios to reflect their values. Then billionaire capitalists like Paul Tudor Jones and trillion-dollar financial giants like JPMorgan got in on the game, building a range of impact

Inspired By Berkshire Hathaway, A New Model To Impact Investing

Trevor Neilson and Howard Warren Buffett want to hold the “impact” sector accountable. This summer, Neilson, CEO and co-founder of i(x) investments, a four-year-old company leveraging finance for socially- and environmentally-driven companies, launched another event, adding to the roster of impact conferences. However, this one asks those attending to make public commitments on how their company

ESG Investing Isn’t The Only Way To Make An Impact

From driving a hybrid car to buying from ethical brands, or meticulously separating your recycling, we’re all thinking about how we can have a more positive impact on the world we live in. And it is no different with investors. Recent research shows that more than one in three family offices now engages with sustainable–or Environmental, Social

If Impact Investing Is The Future, What Comes Next For VC Investors?

What if philanthropy could financially sustain itself — or better yet, turn a profit? I have long been involved in venture capital because I love the can-do mindset of entrepreneurs who seek to solve real problems and make lasting differences. People who believe in their ability to change the world can do powerful things, and

Make your investments sustainable

SUSTAINABLE investing is an investment approach. This approach takes into account environmental, social and governance factors in addition to traditional financial criteria in portfolio selection and management. Today the question has evolved from "Why should I?" to "How do I?". Globally, out of US$80 trillion assets under management in the capital markets, over US$30 trillion

How to Invest for Market-Rate Return and Measurable Impact at Large Scale

Impact investing is a specific approach of “investing for the common good” alongside ethical investing, sustainable investing, socially responsible investing (SRI), and environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing. Although they are often grouped together in everyday conversation and media coverage, there are different methodologies associated with each of these approaches. The Global Impact Investors Network

Can Sustainable Bonds Save the World?

Bonds seem designed to make investors' eyes glaze over. Yields, maturities and credit ratings are not the stuff of cocktail-party conversation. But a fast-growing category of fixed-income investments promises to change that, transforming stodgy bonds into a vehicle for corporate governance, social and environmental change. These “sustainable” bond funds include broadly diversified index funds that

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Meet The Berkshire Hathaway Of Impact Investing

Trevor Neilson wants to hold the “impact” sector accountable. This summer, Neilson, CEO and co-founder of i(x) investments, a four-year-old company leveraging finance for socially- and environmentally-driven companies, launched another event, adding to the roster of impact conferences. However, this one asks those attending to make public commitments on how their company is going to tackle

Three Ways To Embrace The Next Generation Of Family Office Leaders

The world of business is evolving at an exponential rate, new multi-billion dollar industries emerging rapidly and old, established industries becoming obsolete. In this fast-changing environment, operating with agility and a purpose-driven, innovative mindset is key to the sustained success of modern enterprises. For this reason, family firms need to look beyond the obvious priority

Impact investing: can funds achieve both social impact and returns at scale?

Popular opinion has it that ‘investing for the common good’ has gone mainstream. Yet our research finds that only a small proportion of funds has consistently generated market rate return and measurable social and environmental impact at large scale – especially in capital-starved emerging markets’ small and medium enterprises (SMEs), often deemed as risky and unattractive by mainstream

Impact Investing Needs To Rise To The Urgent Challenge Of Reducing Racial Inequalities

Impact investing–investing to generate not only financial returns, but also social and environmental returns–has been held up as a solution to the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges, by unlocking private capital and overcoming funding gaps. One of the biggest challenges of our time is the high level of inequalities within and among countries, which

How to invest in the planet’s future

The planet is heating up. The Arctic is melting. July is on course to be the hottest month ever measured on Earth, according to climate scientists. Extreme weather is becoming the norm. Climate change looks like an insoluble problem right now, but investors should be asking themselves this question: how can I make money from

Why impact investing isn’t just for millennials

The young are vocal about climate change, pollution and inequality. Last year, Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg was catapulted to fame when her climate protest sparked an international wave of school strikes. The youngest-ever US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been making waves with her Green New Deal. One of the most powerful recent appeals, however, comes from Sir

9 Things Beginner Investors Should Know About Impact Investing

All investing has an impact. Impact investing, or the pursuit of making tangible positive change through your investments, has become a hot topic in the investment world. What you may not realize is that whether or not you’re consciously investing for change, your investments are making an impact, says Megan Schleck, CEO of the investment

Socially responsible investing: is it a thing in 2019?

With a large variety of investment opportunities available, it can be quite difficult to decide where to invest your money. There are many aspects to consider, including the return, dividends, risk, inflation, taxes and diversification. However, there are some investors who purposely choose to make it even more complicated. Today, people are becoming more conscious

Study says: Trees ‘most effective solution’ for climate change

According to a newly published study in the journal Science, planting billions, if not trillions of trees globally could be the single most effective way to fight climate change. The proven ability of trees to capture and absorb carbon dioxide has made them a valuable and relatively cheap tool in the fight against climate change. According

Why Social Impact is a C-Suite Issue

Solving the most pressing issues of our time has a colossal price tag. Today, the global impact investing market has reached $502 billion – which is excellent – but that’s nowhere near the $5 to $7 trillion that’s needed to achieve the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals over the coming decade. Whether it’s feeding the 821 million undernourished