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Entrepreneur tackles medical device waste

oung entrepreneur Oliver Hunt took home one of the top honours at the Westpac Champion Awards last month, the Christchurch City Council Champion Business for Good Award. His business Medsalv works with hospitals to reduce their environmental impact and costs. Louis Day catches up with the 25-year-old. What is Medsalv? So Medsalv is New Zealand’s

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Reprocessed Medical Devices Market to exceed $3 bn by 2024

The growing healthcare cost coupled with excessive prices of purchasing new medical devices creates requirement and demand for reprocessed medical devices this stimulates progress and development for reprocessing during the forecast timeframe. Moreover, the low price of reprocessed devices is foremost influence that encourages preference over new medical devices and is accountable for the increasing

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AAMI Addresses Sustainability for Medical Devices

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue for the healthcare industry, particularly in the wake of the United Nation’s Climate Summit in late September. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, an AAMI standards committee is seeking members to help develop a technical information report (TIR) that addresses what environmental, health, and safety implications medical device manufacturers

Medical packaging revamp cures sustainability concerns

With a revamped shipping material design, OptumRx reportedly has become the first pharmacy care company to launch fully sustainable packaging for drug shipments. The upgraded packaging replaces polystyrene blocks with cotton-fiber pads, while providing temperature and physical protection for delicate medications in transit. “Our priority is ensuring people get the high-quality medications they need, when

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First-Ever Sustainable Medical Scrub Collection

Barco™ Uniforms, a recognized leader of design innovation in the premium professional apparel industry, today announced the launch of Barco One Wellness, the first-ever medical scrub collection infused with health-promoting bio-minerals aimed at helping the body self-regulate and recover – a necessity for busy health care professionals who work hard to care for others. Barco

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Key questions to consider for sustainable management of environmental risks in Europe

What are the most aggressive chemical products for the environment? What areas of the planet have more pollutants? Can we detect toxic products which are hard to identify? How can we protect biodiversity and natural ecosystems better? Degradation of the environment and natural resources, the loss of biodiversity, impacts on health and the crises on

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Trash into Treasure: U.Va.’s MERCI gives new life to unused medical supplies

MERCI, or Medical Equipment Recovery of Clean Inventory, is a program at the University Hospital that collects and donates clean medical supplies and gently used lab equipment at no cost to the University and other organizations. According to MERCI, 30 to 50 percent of waste generated by hospitals is mistakenly treated as regulated medical waste,

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This medical products company believes single-use devices should be safe, clinically effective . . . and sustainable

We have expectations of efficacy and safety in medical products that are brought to market; should we also factor in sustainability? Absolutely, says Rob Chase, founder and President of NewGen Surgical, a medical products company based in San Rafael, CA. Single-use medical devices and surgical products have dramatically improved medical care by minimizing opportunities for

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New Biomedical Company Helps Train Clinicians and Test Medical Equipment

Two University of Arkansas engineering professors and an engineering doctoral student have formed Vivas LLC, a new company with licensed technology that can be used to train clinicians in various procedures and test medical imaging equipment. Vivas has partnered with Humimic Medical LLC, a Fort Smith company that produces medical gels for training, testing and

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Innovative Model Offers A Breakthrough in Medical Devices

Medical devices generally require $31 million and up to five years to bring to market, according to studies conducted by the Medical Device Manufacturers Association and the National Venture Capital Association. But a New York-based medical device maker, PAVmed—using innovative technologies and a unique business model—has found a way to do this for $3.5 million

This 20-cent paper pinwheel could transform medicine in the developing world

A whirligig is so simple, even a kindergartener can make one. But this ancient toy—a pinwheellike device whose circular motion is powered by two twisting strings—may soon transform medicine in the developing world, thanks to an inexpensive new version that can separate blood as quickly as some commercial centrifuges. The “paperfuge,” as it is called,

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These Healthcare Data Companies Earn Millions by Making Employees Healthier, Saving Their Employers Boatloads of Money

Like everything else, your health information is moving online. A growing class of companies are delivering ever more personalized medical advice as a result. Source: These Healthcare Data Companies Earn Millions by Making Employees Healthier, Saving Their Employers Boatloads of Money Learn more about Castlight Health here: Act Now  


The Tampon of the Future – The New York Times

When you say you’re going to build a company around menstrual blood, people think you’re joking. Source: The Tampon of the Future - The New York Times Read more about the company founders in a Harvard Gazette article about their company. Do more by reading through WASH-United's webpage about global efforts to help with menstrual hygiene. Act Now by visiting


India’s medical devices startups grabbing the world’s attention

In an industry dominated by global giants, Indian medical devices startups are making inroads with technology thats advanced, affordable and more accessible. Read more at India's medical devices startups grabbing the world's attention with advanced and affordable technologies - The Economic Times Act Now  to learn more,  read the 'Indian Medical Device Industry - Current State


Kenya: Beyond Zero Campaign Receives Medical Supplies Worth Millions of Shillings From the U.S.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta arrived in Phoenix, Arizona Monday evening to commence a six-day tour of duty where she will also receive medical supplies worth millions of shillings for the Beyond Zero campaign. Source: Kenya: Beyond Zero Campaign Receives Medical Supplies Worth Millions of Shillings From the U.S. - Read more about the Beyond Zero


Oklahoma company’s device reduces chance of death caused by blood clots after surgery

Source: Oklahoma company's device reduces chance of death caused by blood clots after surgery | News OK Read more about deep vein thrombosis at the Mayo Clinic's website. You can also read more about Compression Solutions at their website. Do more by researching other major causes of death in the United States. What are the top 5? How do