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Charity, Investing and Risk

A number of people advised me not to write a column involving fraud and charities, especially religious-based charities, because they considered it controversial. As I was deciding whether or not to do so, a good friend advised me that the potential controversy is exactly the reason why I should write such an piece, so here


Financial Education Needed to Improve Outcomes for Employees in 401(k) Plans

Many companies encourage their employees to participate in 401(k) plans and, even though the participation rate may be high, the plan may not be fulfilling its purpose. The ultimate purpose of a 401(k) plan is to provide an opportunity for adequate income replacement upon retirement. So how much money is needed? There are many factors


The ShopAmerica Gift Card: How Government Can Stretch Your Tax Refund Check

Most people’s purchasing power (and hence standard of living) could be raised noticeably, at no expense, through a novel idea called the ShopAmerica Gift Card. Instead of a social security/tax refund/unemployment/government pension check direct-deposited, why not exchange it for gift cards worth up to 25 percent more than the check? Example: If you want a


A Comparison of Free and For Pay Tax Preparation Programs At Two Credit Unions

About The Authors John Hoffmire, PhD John Hoffmire is the director of the Center on Business and Poverty at the University of Wisconsin School of Business and faculty associate at the Puelicher Center for Banking Education at UW-Madison. Before starting the Center on Business and Poverty in 2004, John had a 20-year career in equity


The Economics of Serving Low-Income Employees at Tax Time: Implications ​for Credit Unions

John Hoffmire, PhD Director of the Center on Business and Poverty, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin School of Business, Chairman, Progress Through Business Thomas Harms, Director, Progress Through Business Copyright © 2009 by Filene Research Institute. All rights reserved. ISBN 978-1-932795-58-5 Printed in U.S.A. Filene Research Institute Progress is the constant replacing of the best there


UW Credit Union Tax Season Help

The New Year is here and of course that means it’s time to be concerned about paying income tax. And once again help is being offered in Madison, Wisconsin to low and moderate-income workers. Stephanie Thompson, a former Vista volunteer with Progress Through Business is coordinating our free tax help program in Madison in her


Former Progress Through Business Employee Continues Free Tax Work in Colorado

Paul Hammeke, former Project Manager for Progress Through Business and developer of the Madison-area tax program, is utilizing the skills and strategies he acquired during his tenure at Progress to continue helping low- and moderate-income communities through Tax Help Colorado. Tax Help Colorado is a partnership formed between The Piton Foundation and the Colorado Community


VITA Program 2013

May 2013 The Progress Through Business affiliated UW Credit Union VITA program results are in for 2013 and they demonstrate the actual value of the VITA program with $875,730 in tax refunds to 537 tax filers. That is almost a ten percent increase in the number of returns and over 2.5% more in refund dollars