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Michigan mulls lifting barrier to solar energy on farmland

As states consider the compatibility of utility-scale solar projects on farmland, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration is revisiting a state policy that the industry says has acted as a barrier. Michigan’s Farmland and Open Space Preservation Program provides tax incentives to landowners who keep land under contract for agricultural practices for decades. In 2017, under

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Community renewables – on to version 2.0?

In 2014, the government set out a strategy for a million homes to be powered by community energy schemes by 2020, according to the Community Energy Manifesto produced by a coalition of 20 community energy projects and affiliated groups. “Four years on, that vision has been abandoned with only 67,000 homes powered by community energy,”

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Hydropowered countries suffer higher levels of poverty

Countries relying on the world's biggest and most established source of renewable electricity have seen their poverty, corruption and debt levels rise and their economy slow at significantly greater rates than nations which use other energy resources over the last three decades, a major new study has found. The study also found that hydropower states

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5 of the Best TED Talks About Renewable Energy

Let's be real: Renewable energy is super cool. Harnessing virtually limitless energy from the natural world? Check. Without releasing dangerous carbon pollution into our atmosphere? Double check. Around the world, cities, states, countries, and companies are making the switch to clean, renewable energy to help stop climate change. Better yet? It just makes good economic

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Renewable Energy Companies Add Jobs In Wisconsin

Wisconsin continues to add renewable energy jobs, even as the industry saw a national slowdown in 2018. That’s according to the latest Clean Jobs Midwest report from national advocacy groups Environmental Entrepreneurs and Clean Energy Trust. The report found Wisconsin added 1,786 jobs in the clean energy industry in 2018, a 2.4 percent increase over the

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Powering up the ‘last mile’ in renewable energy rollout

It takes Habiba Ali at least a three-hour drive to get to her customers – what energy experts would call ‘the last mile’. When she sets off from her base in Kaduna, northwest Nigeria, it’s usually without knowing where to find the places and people most in need of solar power. But despite the constant

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Companies Make It Easier To Buy Renewable Energy

Going green is often easier said than done, but a new business organization is hoping to change that. While focusing on large-scale energy buyers, the group plans to push for changes that could make renewable power more accessible for all Americans. Companies from a variety of industries — including Walmart, General Motors, Google and Johnson

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Wearable liquid unit that aims to harvest energy

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A fascination with movie technology that showed robots perform self-repair through a liquid formula inspired a Purdue University professor to make his own discoveries – which are now helping to lead the way for advancements in self-powering devices such as consumer electronics and defense innovations. The Purdue team, led by Wenzhuo

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Wales: ‘Radical’ plan could deliver 100 per cent renewable power by 2035

Wales could shift to 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2035, creating over 20,000 jobs and delivering a £7.4bn economic boost for the country's economy. That is the headline conclusion from a new report released last week by the Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA) as part of the think tank's Re-Energising Wales project, which argues

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The answer to the UK’s renewable energy future is blowing in the wind

Auctions for new capacity held in 2017 resulted in deals at half the price of those signed just two years prior, while we are seeing a steady drumbeat of new records relating to clean power production. Just last month, the world’s largest offshore wind farm began generating power. Anchored to the seabed 75 miles off

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Q&A: Stanford energy experts discuss whether batteries can replace natural gas..

As the mix of energy sources feeding power-hungry homes, businesses and industry comes to incorporate more renewables like wind and solar, society faces a reckoning with where to turn when wind and sunshine die down. What will it take for greener sources not only to join fossil fuels on the American power grid, but eventually

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New Mexico is the third state to legally require 100% renewable electricity

As Congressional leaders in Washington, DC remain stalled out on climate-related legislation, states are moving forward, even in conservative parts of the country. New Mexico is the latest. The southwestern state is the latest to embrace carbon-free electricity, passing a bill that will require all electricity from public utilities to come from carbon-free sources. The

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Movie technology inspires wearable liquid unit that aims to harvest energy

A fascination with movie technology that showed robots perform self-repair through a liquid formula inspired a Purdue University professor to make his own discoveries -- which are now helping to lead the way for advancements in self-powering devices such as consumer electronics and defense innovations. The Purdue team, led by Wenzhuo Wu, the Ravi and

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An Australian model for the renewable-energy transition

Australia is experiencing a remarkable renewable energy transition. The pipeline for new wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity systems is 6-7 Gigawatts (GW) per year for the period 2019-21. This equates to 250 Watts per person per year compared with about 50 Watts per person per year for the EU, Japan, China, and the United

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Lawsuit challenges EU on ‘renewable energy’ definition

The European Union is relying heavily on burning forest biomass to meet its carbon emissions goals. And now it’s facing a legal challenge that’s sure to ignite debate on what it really means for an energy source to be renewable and carbon neutral. Plaintiffs from six different countries have challenged the EU’s treatment of forest

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Wind Energy beneficial for business owners and environment

The Office for the Advancement of Sustainable Energy at JMU, formerly known as the Center for Wind Energy, works around the state of Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region to bring awareness to wind energy, solar energy and energy storage and efficiency. A grant given from the U.S. Department of Agriculture permits the office to find

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The promise of a 100% renewable energy world

For decades, the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) has been promoting the development and application of solar energy technologies worldwide, and it is promising to lead the energy transformation to a 100% renewable energy world this century. In 1963, ISES was accredited by the United Nations and has been working with UN entities and programs

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