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How Businesses Can Further the Development of Renewable Energy

In the past, certain technologies like wind and solar posed problems for industry leaders due to intermittent outages. However improvements in equipment and storage have made wind and solar power equivalent to the traditional grid in terms of performance and reliability. Here are the reasons to convert your organization to renewable energy and reap the

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20 overlooked benefits of distributed solar energy

A study released today provides the most complete list yet of the advantages of solar energy -- from carbon sequestration to improvements for pollinator habitat. The paper offers a new framework for analyzing solar projects to better understand the full suite of benefits. The study, published in Nature Sustainability, was conducted by researchers from the

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La Crosse commits to 100 percent clean, renewable energy

La Crosse is the fifth city in Wisconsin to adopt the goal to move away from fossil fuels. Today, Mayor Tim Kabat joined local leaders in announcing the City of La Crosse’s goal to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy. On July 11, the La Crosse City Council unanimously passed a resolution establishing a goal

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G20 Meetings Urge Energy Transitions for Sustainable Growth

30 June 2019: The G20 Leaders’ Summit and associated meetings, including a global event on financing energy efficiency and a meeting of energy and environment ministers on energy transitions and the global environment, highlighted energy-related and environmental issues such as energy performance of asset investments and energy transitions to affordable, reliable, sustainable and low-emissions systems.

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Providing the necessary energy to end poverty

Providing access to energy—vital for a decent standard of living and ending poverty—can be done in a way that is sustainable for people surviving on low incomes and for the planet, researchers have found. As people's living standards rise, their energy use usually does too. But a growing demand for better homes, transport and electricity

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Terawatt-scale solar ‘will reshape the global energy market’

Having achieved 500 GW globally in solar power by the end of 2018, we can double that number by 2023, entering a era of “terawatt-scale solar” with exponential growth to follow, argues a team of experts from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the California Institute of Technology, MIT and 24 other leading institutions. Whereas just

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Chicago PACE Introduces Funding for Efficiency and Sustainability

Chicago PACE makes it possible for owners and developers of commercial properties to obtain low-cost, 100% financing for 20+ years for energy efficiency, sustainability and renewable energy infrastructure deployed in new or existing buildings. There are many financial and operational benefits that Chicago PACE provides to building owners, especially compared to traditional debt financing. Chicago

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Pavegen harvests energy and data from footsteps

Pavegen, a UK startup which harvests energy from people’s footsteps and also tracks that data, has raised £2.6m on its crowdfunding push having doubled its initial £950k target. The campaign secured funds from over 1,400 investors, including partnership and anchor investment from major global engineering conglomerate Hinduja Group and family investment firm Tamar Capital. The

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America’s Renewable Energy Capacity Greater Than Coal

Despite how the United States has endured ongoing political tensions in the face of climate change, this exciting new report says that the nation is actually becoming greener than ever. According to an analysis by the conservational group SUN DAY Campaign, newly-added electrical generating capacity from renewable energy sources – such as biomass, geothermal, hydropower,

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Researcher: Lowering electricity taxes is cheapest way..

The energy transition will hit the poor hardest unless it’s balanced by a shift in taxation, says Christian Egenhofer. The EU needs to acknowledge this and get started by lowering taxes on electricity to achieve the EU’s carbon reduction goals at least cost, he argues. Christian Egenhofer is Senior Research Fellow and Head of the

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How Spanish cities took control of energy

After a close fight, Barcelona’s radical mayor, Ada Colau, is expected to take office for a second term on Saturday, vindicating her often-criticised policies, which have included making sure all the city’s municipal buildings and services run on renewable energy. On the other side of the country in Andalucía, José María González was re-elected as

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11 Million People Now Have Jobs In Renewable Energy

Eleven million people around the world were employed by the renewable energy sector in 2018, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) reports in the sixth edition of their Renewable Energy and Jobs series. This represents an increase of 700,000 jobs from 2017, growing nearly 7% in just one year. The greatest growth came from countries like Malaysia,

Off-Grid Solar Energy Use Is About to Explode

Off-grid solar energy is about to experience a rapid rise in employment as isolated communities rush to get connected, a new report Thursday revealed. The technology enables power generation without traditional infrastructure, a benefit that could fuel the drive toward near-universal electricity access. The renewable energy industry employed 11 million people globally in 2018, around

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11% of English households ‘were still in fuel poverty

In 2017, 10.9% of households were still living in fuel poverty. A new statistical release from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) shows despite the proportion of households in England struggling or unable to pay their bills having decreased by an estimated 0.2% since 2016, more than 2.5 million households were still

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Utilities as a way to end energy poverty

For over a century, countries have struggled to find affordable and sustainable ways to ensure that all citizens have access to reliable electricity. In sparsely populated regions in sub-Saharan Africa and developing Asia, utilities, in particular, have grappled with the challenge of finding a financially viable way to deliver affordable, reliable power to the unelectrified

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Flexible generators turn movement into energy

Wearable devices that harvest energy from movement are not a new idea, but a material created at Rice University may make them more practical. The Rice lab of chemist James Tour has adapted laser-induced graphene (LIG) into small, metal-free devices that generate electricity. Like rubbing a balloon on hair, putting LIG composites in contact with

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Why 100% Renewable Energy Is Not Enough

While 160 companies around the world have committed to use “100 percent renewable energy,” that does not mean “100 percent carbon-free energy.” The difference will grow as power grids become less reliant on fossil power, according to a new Stanford study published today in Joule. Entities committed to fighting climate change can accurately measure and

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