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Business sector responsibility key to inclusive growth

Inclusion was the buzzword of the OECD Forum in Paris, with the UN's 2030 sustainable development goals and responsible business conduct as main topics. Read more at  Business sector responsibility key to inclusive growth | Global Trade Review (GTR) Watch this video from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Act Now  


Modern Era Requires Modern International Aid

In an effort to alleviate poverty, the United States government spends billions of dollars annually in foreign aid. Additionally, many private corporations, foundations and nonprofits are actively involved in providing assistance to alleviate poverty. Unfortunately, not all aid is used effectively. Recent research indicates direct monetary aid to governments increases dependence, corruption and poor rule


High Levels of Student Debt Affect Many Parts of Economy

One of the key ingredients to a growing economy is an educated and well-trained workforce. To this end, our society has invested heavily in higher education to continuously develop the knowledge and skills of the next generation. Students and their families, as the direct beneficiaries of an earned degree, are expected to pay for the


Bono testifies to Congress: “Aid in 2016 is not charity—it is national security”

"I am here today to testify to the United States Senate that I have seen the impossible made possible, right here in these halls. And we need that leadership again in this moment of great jeopardy." Read more at: Bono testifies to Congress: “Aid in 2016 is not charity—it is national security” | ONE To


Dramatic rise in child abductions signals terrorist group’s resurgence

A new report released earlier this month notes that the Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel terrorist group from northern Uganda, has abducted 217 people in the past two months in the Central African Republic, 54 of whom are children. This is almost double the number of abductions performed by the group during the entirety of


Is International Trade Good or Bad for Communities?

The human instinct for trade has deep historical roots, but its economic, social and political importance has risen in recent times due to industrialisation, technological advance and globalisation. In fact, there is evidence that our Cro-Magnon ancestors engaged in trade and moved from barter for their immediate use to trade for resale. The shift by


Dreaming of Downton

The last season of "Downton Abbey" has just finished airing the U.S., and a significant portion of the populace is once again caught up in the fortunes and misfortunes of the Earl of Grantham and his household, both above- and below-stairs. Why are we so interested? To give it its due, the cast is phenomenal, the production values are tremendous, and


Celebrating Leadership and Transforming Governance in Africa

Finding opportunities and sorting them out from grand possibilities is what Mo Ibrahim has done throughout his lifetime. However, in attempting to change the perceptions of an entire continent, Ibrahim has elevated the scale of his ambitions to a different realm altogether. See images of Africa in all of its diversity here: Act Now Low-key and unassuming but


World Bank Group Scales Up Support for Egypt

The World Bank Group to provide about US$8 billion over 2015-19 to support transformational change, The World Bank Group’s Board of Executive Directors today endorsed a new Country Partnership Framework (CPF) to support Egypt during a critical period of economic and social transformation. The Board also approved a US$1 billion in a development policy finance


It’s Time for Candidates to Make Simplification of Tax Code an Issue

In 2008, Timothy Geithner was nominated for U.S. secretary of the Treasury. He was voted in by the U.S. Senate, and served from 2009 to 2013 under President Barack Obama. It was later discovered that, even as a trained economist and monetary expert, he had underpaid his taxes in the previous decade by $34,000. This


The Longer We Wait, the More Difficult it Will Be for the Future of Social Security

Social Security policy is unsustainable in its current form. What has consumed a significant portion of America’s paychecks and helped sustain a significant portion of America’s seniors is destined for change. In 2014, the trustees of the Social Security program released a report predicting that all of the trust fund’s reserves would run out by


What Are the Costs, Benefits of Restoring U.S.-Iran Relations?

In economics, individuals or entities act based on the hope that the benefits of their actions will outweigh the costs. The economic value of an action is measured by the benefit it provides. A current hot topic in news media is the potential agreement between the United States and Iran. Economically speaking, what would the