This Wind Turbine Is Cheaper Than An iPhone – And Can Power Your Home

In the heart of India however, two brothers are working on making sustainable energy affordable to the common man. Arun and Anoop George are the founders of the Avant Garde Innovations start-up. Their most recent creation is a small-scale wind turbine that will be priced at Rs 50,000 (around £600) – about the same price

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Renewable Energy: India to Replace Coal with Cheaper Solar Power by 2022

India is taking the lead in creating a country powered by renewable energy by replacing expensive imported coal with affordable solar power in just six years' time. But how will they do it? According to a report from Eco Business, India is aiming to alleviate poverty by providing the entire population with cheap electricity while,

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Oxyent Technologies and seven other startups that made a mark in the IBM Smartcamp for Healthtech 2016

IBM Smartcamp for Healthtech was a nationwide challenge organised by IBM Global Entrepreneur program organised in association with Manipal Hospitals and THub. The Finale had some game changing Startups of India focusing on health tech and leveraging innovative technologies coming in as finalists. A brief about them is below. Bodhi Health Education The visible scarcity

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The Future of Banking for the Poor: Lessons from India

Among the bustling streets of Gurgaon, outside New Delhi, a young woman enters an Oxigen branch located within a local government center. She shares her Aadhaar card (her unique biometric identifier), places her finger on a small black box, and within minutes she’s opened a bank account. She deposits her weekly cash earnings from her

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NGO gives free medicines to poor cancer-stricken kids

Nagpur: To ensure that no child is left out of getting full treatment of cancer in the two Government Medical Colleges (GMCs) in city, a Delhi-based NGO Cankids-Kidscan, is offering medicines to them, absolutely free of cost. Besides medicines, the NGO also gives the children nutrition supplements, biscuits, toys, books, etc and holds some activities

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New tech must be mindful of environment and jobs: Prabhu

Railways minister Suresh Prabhu said as the world moves toward a fourth industrial revolution, driven by digital technology, it should be mindful of the impact on jobs and the environment. “We need technology. No doubt about it. No one can stop it. It is inevitable. We must... be mindful of these two issues, of environment

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India’s health, a poor show

India is used to finding itself at the bottom rungs of all indices compiled worldwide to measure performance in areas like health, education and women’s status. All these are inter-related and so performance in one influences achievements in others. But they are often studied separately to identify problems and find solutions. The extremely poor score

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For Gurgaon’s home chefs, a bad traffic jam means good business

Traffic jams have become a part of Gurgaon's identity. Anything from a slight drizzle to an auto strike can bring the city to a standstill. During a jam, while most Gurgaonwallahs are venting their frustration on social media, there is a certain section that is quite happy - the home chefs. The reason is that

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Australia-India collaboration to reduce global water scarcity

While Australia and India possess different industrial, economic, geographic and cultural characteristics, they do share similar environmental problems such as water scarcity. A recent World Bank report on High and Dry: Climate Change, Water and the Economy says the combined effects of growing populations, rising incomes, and expanding cities will see demand for water rising


Toward a Nationwide HPV Vaccination Campaign in India

India is no stranger to initial resistance against vaccination campaigns, with both smallpox and polio eradication efforts only seeing success thanks to strong government efforts. Read more at   Toward a Nationwide HPV Vaccination Campaign in India | The Wire Cervical cancer, mainly caused by Human Papillomavirus infection, is the leading cancer in Indian women.  Learn


Building blocks of an economically inclusive market in India

Globally, close to two billion adults – or over 45% of the adult population – don’t have access to a bank account. For those who do have access, an estimated 1.3 billion still rely on cash. Individuals who are considered unbanked or underbanked are excluded from most economic activities because they lack credit history. This


India’s Audacious Plan to Bring Digital Banking to 1.2 Billion People

In India, a biometrics-backed ID system will make it easier for everyone—from rural villagers to urban dwellers—to ditch cash. Read more at  India's Audacious Plan to Bring Digital Banking to 1.2 Billion People - Bloomberg India has the highest rate of growth in mobile phone users in world followed by China. Check out this infographic.  Act


Charted: The astonishing cost of healthcare in India

Indians are visiting hospitals in higher numbers than at any time in the past—and visiting them more often.  What’s good for their health, though, isn’t necessarily good for their wallets, with healthcare costs rising exponentially in the last decade. Read more at  Charted: The astonishing cost of healthcare in India — Quart Five things to


Comics Designed to Teach Low-income Indian Women Financial Literacy

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and better still, a cartoon, which can offer a more comprehensive understanding of complicated topics. Keeping that in mind, two Indian American researchers with the Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion, housed within the University of California, Irvine — Deepti KC and Mudita


India’s medical devices startups grabbing the world’s attention

In an industry dominated by global giants, Indian medical devices startups are making inroads with technology thats advanced, affordable and more accessible. Read more at India's medical devices startups grabbing the world's attention with advanced and affordable technologies - The Economic Times Act Now  to learn more,  read the 'Indian Medical Device Industry - Current State