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Seniors: Beware of Fraud

Americans are losing as much as $40 billion a year to investment fraud. In the recent past, 30.2 million—13.5 percent of consumers—fell victim to fraud in one year. Investment fraud occurs when people are persuaded to invest in fraudulent stocks or bonds and consequently lose their money. The elderly especially are targeted for investment fraud


Teach a Man to Fish

World hunger. These two little words encompass one huge problem: people do not have enough to eat. And this problem kills. According to the World Food Program, hunger kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. World hunger is a widely recognized problem and many intelligent and generous people are working toward a solution.


The Power of Being a Follower

From the time we are young, we are lectured to become leaders in school and extracurricular activities. Parents, teachers, advisors, coaches and other adults encourage us to seek leadership experience, to learn to become leaders. Colleges and universities want to see leadership on applications and employers want to see leadership on resumes. They tell us:


Is the Goal Equality?

Since its founding, the United States has been seen as the land of potential greater economic equality. The American Dream promotes the idea that any person, regardless of race, class, or any other social barrier, can find success. In the U.S., the assumptions have been that: one, there is equal opportunity and two, as long


What Are the Costs, Benefits of Restoring U.S.-Iran Relations?

In economics, individuals or entities act based on the hope that the benefits of their actions will outweigh the costs. The economic value of an action is measured by the benefit it provides. A current hot topic in news media is the potential agreement between the United States and Iran. Economically speaking, what would the


Is Biased Media Bad?

Well-informed citizens are important for the preservation of democracy. So much so, the Founding Fathers protected the press in the First Amendment. Since even before the foundation of the United States, people have been using the press, media, and journalism to inform and influence others. Journalism has seen many changes since then. One change involves