Oxford Conference on Business and Poverty

Welcome to the second annual Oxford Business Fights Poverty Conference. As you view this summary of the conference you will read from a series of topics like Responsible Leadership, Honoring Entrepreneurs, Employee Ownership, Mentoring, Crowdsourcing & Addressing Poverty. Please see the table of contents to review all the topics and speakers. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE BOOK VERSION John

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How The Rich View The Poor

More than four years have passed since the Occupy Wall Street movement divided the country into percentages, calling the 99 percent out against the 1 percent. A voice was raised from Zucotti Park in New York City demanding reform to close the ever-growing wealth gap in the United States. The discussion over rising inequality in the U.S. has captured headlines,

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Imagine Decentralized Leadership And A Leader Everyone Liked

After we’ve been through a presidential race during which each major party candidate employed battlefield-type management, many of us grew weary? Now, we have a president who, no matter which side you’re on, we know is going to manage in domineering ways. Imagine, for a moment, what it would feel like to be part of

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A Description of Street Prostitution in Mexico City

In Mexico City, prostitution is not considered to be a crime. At most, it constitutes a civic fault which, in general, is no more dangerous than jaywalking. Legal or not, many women are driven to this industry by necessity or coercion. There are at least 10 prostitution districts in Mexico City. Below are descriptions and


Vaccines: No Longer a Debate

In a 2015 presidential debate, moderator Jake Tapper asked GOP candidate hopefuls about their stances on vaccines. Among the candidates asked was Donald Trump, our newly inaugurated president, and to the dismay of many medical experts, he perpetuated a popular myth about a link between autism and vaccines. Where science has weighed in and reached


Following Up On The Link Between Poverty And Mental Illness

Although poverty is not the only determining factor influencing the status of a person’s mental health and mental health doesn’t always directly correlate with poverty, one often comes with the other. The World Health Organization has made it fairly clear that the two interact closely (and correcting one might lead to impacting the other for


Macfadden Does Good for Its Employee-Owners

Since the founding of the firm, federal agencies have relied on Macfadden for critical support in the areas of international disaster response, development and humanitarian assistance, information technology solutions, financial management systems support and knowledge management and communications. Rather than hire their own employees directly, federal agencies contract with Macfadden to tap into its pool


How large a role should business play in improving society?

All societies have problems. I am sure this is not a shock to anyone. Neighbors have disputes, poverty exists and inequality grows. Simply put, if each individual of a society is imperfect, so too is society, and since no one is perfect, we each play a part in making society imperfect. And like people, institutions

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How family debt can hurt a child

Individual debt, in all forms, is on the rise, and the staggering accumulation is having unforeseen and unintended consequences. To back up the claim that debt is rising, we point to outstanding credit card debt in the U.S., which is reaching $1 trillion for the first time. Combine this with poor personal financial management skills

Isolationism, Business and War

Wars characterize the twentieth century, with the U.S. featuring as a significant player. The self-pronounced reputation of the U.S. as “rescuer of the world” continued at the turn of the century with 9/11 and the war in Iraq. National polls showed that the majority of the U.S. supported the Iraq war until 2005. Perhaps people


How family fragmentation impacts poverty in America

In the last 50 years, family structures have changed dramatically. Just half a century ago, 75 percent of children lived in a home with two married parents in their first marriage. Today, less than half of children are raised in such a traditional situation, and more than a third are raised by single parents. This

Embrace the disruption innovation that enters our personal lives

Disruption. It’s a powerful word, one that describes the very situations we think we should avoid. It often instills fear, stress and anxiety because we associate it with chaos and disorder. Disruption pushes us outside our comfort zones. It is also what allows us to continually learn and grow. Should we view the disruptions in


How we define the word refugee influences what we do to help

If one assumes that the only type of refugee worth helping is one from a war-torn country, it dramatically influences what you might do to help humanity. When we broaden the definition of refugee to include those marginalized or displaced from employment — socially or emotionally — a tremendous opportunity to alleviate the needs of


Personal Finance and Mark Twain

Like many people, I am a Mark Twain fan. Therefore, on a recent trip to Hartford, Connecticut I visited his historic home. Browsing through the gift shop after the tour, the following book caught my eye, “Ignorance, Confidence, and Filthy Rich Friends: The Business Adventures of Mark Twain, Chronic Speculator and Entrepreneur” by Peter Krass.


Three Ways To Make Sure That Financial Disease Does Not Ruin Your Health

A friend recently forwarded an article to me that profiled the following statistics: 70% of adults in the U.S. said they care more about their physical health than their financial health; 49% of men, and 38% of women, said they care more about how much they weigh, than how much debt they carry; and 72%