Madison, WI – September 2018 — Rev. Dr. Carmen Porco is President of Porco Consulting and CEO of Housing Ministries of American Baptists in Wisconsin. Carmen has successfully brought six low-income housing communities out of default to become models of effectiveness: strong, stable, and vibrant communities that add significant value to the larger communities surrounding them. At the heart of these neighborhoods in both Madison and Milwaukee are five Community Learning Centers that Carmen envisioned, planned, developed, and currently directs. These centers provide an institutional basis for individuals within these communities to access the resources they need to empower them to build their own futures. Because of these accomplishments, the chair has been named in his honor and has been funded by anonymous donors.

Rev. Dr. Porco has given speeches and led workshops in many different states. He has also spoken twice at the University of Oxford where Professor Hoffmire has been resident.

John Hoffmire has been named to this endowed chair. Hoffmire has been founding director for 15 years at the Center on Business and Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Center is known for having: helped start and manage 43 businesses (many of them in low-income areas), completed more than 7,000 free tax forms for families and individuals, and assisted in educating more 2 million people through online outreach and media-based financially literacy campaigns. Professor Hoffmire teaches Sustainable Business, Entrepreneurial Finance and Employee Ownership.