No pun intended here, but in this climate of scientific denial, it’s time to listen to independent research again! Energy Watch Group and LUT University combined their resources to work on a new research that proves the feasibility of a European energy transition to 100% renewable sources. The study has simulated a full energy transition in Europe across the power, heat, transport, and desalination sectors by 2050 and shows that the transition to 100% renewable energy will be economically competitive with today’s conventional fossil fuel and nuclear energy system. It will also lead greenhouse gas emissions to zero before 2050. So next time someone tells you that 100% renewables are not economically viable, just send him/her/them here.

“This report demonstrates that Europe can switch to a zero-emission energy system. Therefore, European leaders can and should do much more for climate protection than what is currently on the table.” — Hans-Josef Fell

So what does the study show?

Here comes the technical part. First, this transition will require mass electrification across all energy sectors. It is planned that total power generation will exceed four to five times that of 2015, with electricity constituting for more than 85% of primary energy demand in 2050. In this scenario, fossil fuels and nuclear are completely phased out across all sectors.

One of the most important findings of that research is that 100% renewable energy is not more expensive than our current system: The levelized cost of energy for a fully sustainable energy system in Europe remains stable, ranging from 50–60€/MWh through the transition.

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